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One trade analysis

The indicator shows what opportunities you had (have) for the selected order. Using this tool allows to see what profit (loss) you could/can receive due to the tool showing the maximum value of profit (loss). It is also possible to see the productiveness of the SL and TP you set. If your trading strategy is based on orders with lifetimes greater than a second, then this tool is for you.

For example, you opened a buy order at the price of 1 and closed it at the price of 1.001. There occurs a natural desire to analyze this deal and to answer questions such as:

  1. In the interval between opening and closing the order, it could have been closed at a better price.
  2. If the SL had been lowered, would the price reach it or not.
  3. What percentage of the deals could have been moved to breakeven? (perhaps all your orders can be closed without losses)
  4. How to set SL more efficiently?

And other questions. Answers to these questions are easier to get if you have a user-friendly tool to display all the possibilities for working with your orders.

Does not analyze pending orders.

The areas are drawn (orders are analyzed) for the orders starting from the moment they are opened until the current second, and are redrawn only when the second changes.

For the orders in history, the areas are drawn (orders are analyzed) starting from the moment they are opened until the moment they are closed (accurate to second).

In the description, the parameters for "history orders/open orders" will be separated by "/".


  • ColorProfit - color of the selected profit area/ color of the current profit area
  • ColorMaxProfitTillTP - color of the area between the maximum potential profit and TP
  • ColorMaxProfit - maximum potential profit for the order
  • ColorLoss - color of the loss area / color of the current loss area
  • ColorMaxLoss - color of the maximum potential loss
  • ColorMaxLossTillSL - color of the area between the maximum potential loss and SL
  • History - analyze the closed orders
  • Market - analyze the open orders
  • Buy - analyze the orders of this type
  • Sell - analyze the orders of this type
  • ShowErrors - display error messages
  • ShowMessages - display information messages
  • ShowStartFunc - display debugging messages
  • Sort - sorting method (0 - sorting by order number, 1 - sort by date of registration, 2 - no sorting)

Technical information

Addition is made as an indicator.

It takes the closed orders from history and draws areas from the moment of opening to closure.

1st area - maximum profit;

2nd area - profit;

3rd area - maximum loss;

4th area - loss.

There are buttons for selecting the next or previous order.

The work can be described as follows:

If an order is not selected, for example, after the indicator initialization.

There are orders Number 1, Number 2, Number 3.

If in this situation the "Prev" button is pressed 3 times, the sequence of orders will be 3-2-1.

The maximum number of orders is 2000.

Write me if you want something added or removed.

The indicator has been created to analyze the deals of traders, who trade small number of deals.

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