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Libas ea

LIBAS EA is one of the most powerful grid trading tools and works in any timeframe for any currency pair. However, GBPUSD is preferable.

Its logic is based on the fact that any price movement may accompany rebound.

It opens orders in both directions (buy and sell) at a time initially and places a pending order every step.

For close logic, the EA uses partial close.

You can set maximum floating loss in currency to protect your capital.


  1. 5 or 4-digit broker.
  2. The minimum leverage is 1:500.
  3. Money management calculation $1000 for 0.01 lots.


  • Magic Number: any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time
  • Order Comment: order comment
  • Slippage Order: slippage order
  • Lot: lot for open order
  • Use Pending Order: set to true when using a pending order or false if using a market order
  • Step Order: minimum distance between next and previous orders
  • Min Profit for Close: minimal profit in currency for partial close
  • Max Floating Profit: maximum floating profit for closing all orders (in currency)
  • Max Floating Loss: maximum floating loss for closing all orders (in currency)
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