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HST Converter

This easy-to-use HST Converter script converts *.hst files into *.csv ones. It supports both old and new hst file formats. The product features the convenient batch conversion function. You can choose any mode from the drop-down menu by a single click. Conversion by certain characters and timeframes is also possible.


  • FileInHistory - if true, hst files are taken from <Terminal folder>\history\<Server name>, otherwise - from <Terminal folder>\MQL4\Files
  • Choice - choose from 11 batch conversion modes, including the custom one
  • customTF - enter the necessary timeframes (comma-separated) if the custom mode is selected
  • customSymbols - enter the necessary symbol names (comma-separated) if the custom mode is selected
  • Delimiter - select a separator in an output csv file (comma or semicolon)

You do not need to specify symbol prefixes and suffixes in the conversion symbol selection line, since they are determined automatically.

After any of the modes is selected, a file is converted provided that it exists in the selected folder.

Karman Soesanto
Karman Soesanto 2017.12.04 20:40 

Great Indicator...

And thank you very much to Aliaksandr Kryvanos (Author) for sharing the source code..