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E4XT Announcer Is a utility that marks on your Metatrader charts the next upcoming forex related announces, thus providing you a better preparation to the announces impacts.

E4XT Announcer Marks announcements in 1M Timeframe and therefore can be displayed in any timeframe.

Announcer is the first Expert utility released for public usage by E4XT other indications such as customized trend indicators and price action based triggers will be released at our next versions.

Before using the expert , one has to set them up first. Working parameters common for all experts are defined in the client terminal settings window. This window can be opened by the "Tools – Options – Expert Advisor" menu command or by pressing of accelerating keys of Ctrl+O.

Please make sure that all the relevant checkboxes are checked and http://api.e4xt.com/ is listed in your WebRequest allowed list as shown below in screenshots.

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