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Acc PriceBalance

A new development created to facilitate trading. The indicator can be configured both for trend and counter-trend trading.

The Acc PriceBalance helps to find new entry points or filter out the existing signals.

Multiple signal types can be observed on the indicator

  • the histogram exceeding the signal lines
  • the signal lines exceeding the histogram
  • change in the histogram color

If the top of the histogram is pink, then there is a bullish trend in the market

If the bottom of the histogram is pink, then there is a bearish trend in the market

The indicator does not redraw on the closed bars! We offer only good indicators!

Indicator Operation Principle

The input parameters set:

  1. Period
  2. Applied price
  3. Lines multiplier

The histogram value equals: (price High for the period - price Low for the period) * 2

The histogram color changes when the High or Low of the price for the period of bars is updated.

The price for plotting the indicator histogram can be set to Close or High/Low.

The signal lines are plotted based on the Average True Range using the 'Lines multiplier' parameter for their correction.

There is also a quick parameter change panel, which greatly simplifies the search for the optimal input parameters for any instrument and timeframe.

Thank you

Download the trial version for testing, perhaps this is what you need!

Your comments and suggestions on improvement of the indicator will be appreciated!

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pokrat 2016.05.15 21:17   

good one - an alert would be nice when histogram switches colour.

Versión 1.3 2016.05.20
Added alert when the histogram changes its color