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The Expert Advisor works within a channel catching roll backs from its borders. It is possible to turn on averaging.

The Expert Advisor is optimized for AUDNZD and H1, but there are a lot of options of using it.


  • KanalBars - number of bars for calculating the channel.
  • punkt_for_open - deals are opened this many points earlier.
  • OpenH - start working hour.
  • CloseH  - end working hour.
  • OpenM - start working minutes.
  • CloseM - end working minutes.
  • TP - Take Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • Shag - step for opening the second averaging orders. The thirds one is calculated as step*2, the forth one - step*3, etc.
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of orders in one direction.
  • MoneyManagement - enable lot calculation.
  • RiskPercent - risk percentage for the calculation.
  • Lots - fixed lot in case the calculation is disabled.
  • BlockWeekBegin - block trading on Monday mornings.
  • BlockWeekEnd - block trading on Friday evenings.
  • slippage - slippage size.
  • magic - magic number.
  • ECN - modify stop loss separately from placing orders.
  • Komment - order comment.

Parameters are set as for 4-digit quotes. The values are automatically converted to 5-digits if necessary.

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