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SafeTrading is a fully automated Expert Adviser that works by observing breakout level with Bollinger Bands and Envelopes Indicator filter.

SafeTrading is one of the most powerful grid trading tools.

This EA places first order based on Envelopes, Moving Average and Average True Range indicators.

And for next trade the EA will do averaging to eliminates all your floating loss into a floating profit.

Although this type is Grid trading but this EA is safe enough to run.

SafeTrading EA has a filter to protect your capital based on the drawdown.

Trader can set the maximum drawdown to close all positions

This EA is designed for 5 digit broker only.


Not all brokers are suited to run this EA. Only a broker with a tight spread, tight stop level and order execution time of less than 100 milliseconds.

  1. 5 digit broker.
  2. The minimum leverage is 1:300.
  3. Money management calculation $1000 for 0.01 lots.


  • Magic Number : Any number that differs from other EA's numbers running at the same time
  • Starting Lots : Starting lots for first order. next lots calculates is automatic
  • Take Profit : TakeProfit from as many points. Default 120 (= 12 pip)
  • Maximum Open Order : Max allowed number order in same times
  • Lots Exponent : Exponent for calculates next lots
  • Pipstep : Minimum distance next order from previous order in points
  • Max Spreads : Max allowed spread in points (default is 20 Points / 2 pips)
  • Max Drawdown : Max Drawdown to close all opening order
  • Start Hour : Hour to start trading
  • Stop Hour : Hour to stop trading
  • TF Envelopes : Parameter for time frame envelopes ( Default is TF H1 )
  • Period Envelopes : Period for Envelopes indicator
  • Method Envelopes : Method for Envelopes indicator
  • Prices Envelopes : Prices for Envelopes indicator
  • Deviation Envelopes : Deviation for Envelopes indicator
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