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All Symbols Trading Panel

All Symbols Trading Panel is one of the most advanced and revolutionary trading panels available for MT4. It's highly efficient and user friendly interface allows you to place market orders as well as pending orders for all currency pairs from a single panel. Also, the panel shows the current live Ask and Bid prices on the panel itself. So, the user doesn't needs to check the prices on a different terminal. Everything required for placing an order, be it a market or a pending order, can be done from the panel alone which is very easy to use.


  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Investment can be entered in Lots, Amount or in Risk %
  • Support of setting the input parameters for a pending order such as Buy Limit, Buy Stop for a Buy Pending Order or Sell Limit, Sell Stop for a Sell Pending Order
  • On panel live validation of Open Price, Stop Loss, Take Profit input parameters for placing pending orders.
  • Option to set the Stop Loss parameter in pips or in HiLo
  • Option to set the Take Profit parameter in pips or in TP/SL ratio or in TP seconds
  • Option to set the Trailing Stop
  • Option to close All the market orders or the Profit market orders or the market orders which are in Loss.
  • Option to delete All the pending orders or Limit the pending orders or the Stop the pending orders.
  • Reset button to go back to default configurations
  • SAVE button to save your current trade configuration. If the terminal gets accidentally closed, the panel will restore from the last saved trades configuration. This way none of the trade configuration is lost.

All the above mentioned advanced features are of this single panel only. This next generation panel is capable of doing all this and is very efficient.

If you wished for a panel which would satisfy your every need when you placed an order with all the advanced features to meet your trading needs then your search ends here. This trading panel is definitely for you. It definitely saves you alot of time, the time which can used to devise your next profitable step.

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