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PAMM Robot

PAMM Robot is a collection of trading functions for tracking open positions and pending orders that are useful among both novices and professionals. The EA has been developed specifically for managing PAMM accounts. If you master its functionality, it will become an indispensable tool in your daily trading activities. The EA can work with all orders opened manually or any other EA, as well as distinguish them by their magic number. VPS server is recommended. The product is designed for 4- and 5-digit quotes.


  1. Trailing pending STOP and LIMIT orders following the price;
  2. Opening pending STOP and LIMIT orders as the price moves away from an open position, in points;
  3. Placing take profit and stop loss for each deal separately or a smoothed order for the entire grid of unidirectional orders;
  4. Set a standard breakeven level for each deal separately, "double" level, or total average level for the entire grid of unidirectional orders;
  5. Open positions are accompanied by a virtual trailing stop and standard trailing stop by the previous High-Low within a specified period;
  6. The EA can trail a grid of unidirectional open market orders.
  7. Daily risk management. Close all deals and the terminal when reaching a specified total account risk %.


  • The EA has been designed for the actual current market conditions;
  • It does not depend on a trading account type, broker or symbol; 
  • The product works both with small and large deposits;
  • It can be used in conjunction with other EAs or manual trade.
Note! Enable the visual mode to test the EA in the strategy tester. Keep in mind that this is only a program and not a Grail. Only you should decide when and where to use it. Before purchasing the product, test it and make sure you understand all the settings. If you have a question, please send me a message. I hope, this product will be helpful. Feedback is welcome.

Main Parameters

  • DrawInfo – display account data on a chart;
  • DrawPanel – display quick trading panel on a chart;
  • Levels – take profit and stop loss placement type;
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points;
  • StopLoss – stop loss;
  • Breakeven – breakeven level placement type;
  • BreakevenStop1 – number of points passed by the price to move a position to breakeven;
  • BreakevenStep1 – breakeven step;
  • BreakevenStop2 – number of points passed by the price to move a position to breakeven again;
  • BreakevenStep2 – new breakeven step;
  • Trailing – open position trailing type;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop for open positions;
  • TrailingStep – trailing stop step;
  • TimeFrame – timeframe to search for Low-High price for trailing;
  • BarCount – number of bars to search for extremum;
  • IndentHighLow – indent from High-Low price to place a stop loss;
  • TrailOrder – allow trailing pending orders;
  • TrailStopOrder – distance the price should pass for trailing a pending order;
  • TrailStepOrder – distance, to which a pending order is moved while following the price;
  • SendOrder – allow setting additional orders;
  • TypeOrder – order placement type;
  • OrderDirection – order placement direction, pyramid - similar to the initial position direction, grid - opposite to the initial position direction;
  • SendOrderPrice – distance from the last open position to allow setting a selected order;
  • SendOrderStep – selected order step, distance from the current price;
  • RiskControl – enable risk control;
  • MoneyLoss – maximum loss in currency per day;
  • PercentLoss – maximum loss in % per day;
  • CloseOrders – allow closing all orders;
  • CloseTerminal – allow closing the terminal;
  • SendMessages – send messages;
  • Magic – magic number. If 0, it works with all orders;
  • Com – comments to orders opened via the panel.
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mike panadar 2018.01.22 08:54 

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Versión 1.1 2016.01.05
Added feature of modification of pending orders by time in seconds. Orders are modified after the price at a given distance in points, if the price has time to touch the pending order until it is modified again at the new prices, it becomes a market order.

MovingOrder - allow to modify the order;
DistanceMovingOrder is the distance from the current price for order modification;
TimerModifyOrder - timer, after which orders are modified by the new BID(ASK) +(-) DistanceMovingOrder;