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Acc Good Scapel MT4

This is a simple and robust indicator, which can be used with any trend indicator. When properly adjusted, the indicator shows the high-probability beginning of price reversal. Now you can spend less time searching for the right signal to open a position. Many traders have evaluated Acc Good Scapel. This is a useful tool for trading forex, stocks and options.

Some Features of Acc Good Scapel

  • Non-redrawing after candlestick closure.
  • Displays clear signals as arrows on a chart.
  • It is advisable to use with a trend indicator.
  • Seven-level filtering of signals, each filtering level can be turned off in the settings.
  • Separate settings for buy and sell signals.

Due to its simple logics, the indicator works fast even with heavy data and does not load the terminal.

Test the indicator to make sure that it fits your needs.


  • Draw Signals - select the type of signals to display: All, Only UP or Only DOWN
  • Use Filter 1..7? - enable/disable the filter with the specified number
  • Coeff ATR for Filter 1 (1.5-20) - a ratio to adjust filter 1 , "1.5-20" is the recommended range
  • Coeff for Filter 3 (0.09-0.33) - a ratio to adjust filter 3, "0.09-0.33" is the recommended range of values
  • MA TrendAverageType - moving average type for filter 7 (trend filter, off by default)
  • MA Price - price used for calculations
  • MA Length - moving average period
  • MA Displace - shift of the moving average to the right

Thank you for using our product, we hope it will be useful for you. Reviews, comments and suggestions for improving the indicator are appreciated.

Meta Trader 5 version of Acc Good Scapel is also available

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