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Heiken Ashi MA

This is a fairly well-known indicator that smooths the market price fluctuations and allows you to see some hidden aspects of its movement. Generally, the indicator does not require additional explanations. However, please note the ability to enter (exit) the market the next candle after the one, at which an opposite signal was actually generated. Suppose that the market reverses from rise to fall. In this case, it would be better to place a STOP SELL order at the Low level of the candle, at which the SELL signal was generated. BUY SELL signals are generated by the changes of the indicator color.


  • Method - price series smoothing method. Smoothed averaging is used by default;
  • Period - smoothing period. The default value is 5.
Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 2019.04.04 05:00 

Thank you. Good indicator.

AirOne1 2018.10.21 02:42 

very good indicator

Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.07.16 19:35 

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Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.30 19:41 

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Versión 1.2 2016.01.05
Indicator display mechanism has been improved.
Versión 1.1 2015.12.14
Parameters setup procedure updated.