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ClickPro is a semi- automatic expert that makes trading much more funny, very fast and easy.

This is the perfect tool for all traders, from short term scalpers that need quick entries, to longterm support and resistance traders that don't have the time to sit and wait for the price to hit these levels.

You can also auto trade and close orders by adding rules to your horizontal and trend lines that preform actions when price touches them.

Object operations are buy, sell, close and rules are lots=, risk=, margin=, sl=, tp=

Expert has buttons for all the most common actions like buy, sell, close, breakeven, trail, change trailtype, sl-, sl+, tp-, tp+, change lotstype, lots-, lots+, stealthmode.

You enable and disable all functions with buttons.

It also has 6 different trailing modes: Normal, ATR, Fractal, Candle, MovingAverage, and PSAR.

Expert settings:

  • MagicNumber - set magic number to track your orders. 0=autogenerate magic number
  • Orders - choose if expert should handle orders by this expert only or all orders related to this symbol
  • AskConfirmation - confirmation box appears on buy, sell, and close button
  • AlertObjectExec - alert if price reached your execution object
  • PointsType - choose between points, pips, atr for input values
  • MaxSpread - spread filter. 0=disabled
  • ECN - set sl / tp after order is open
  • TrailStart - start trailing after x PointType value
  • TrailStop - trailing stoploss distance x PointType value
  • TrailStep - trailing jumps/steps x PointType value
  • BreakEven - breakeven trade after x PointType value
  • BreakEvenJump - breakeven jumps x PointType value
  • ATRPeriod - set atr period for PointType value = atr
  • ATRTimeFrame - calculate atr from chosen timeframe
  • MAPeriod - set ma period for for trailing ma type
  • MAMethod - set ma method
  • MAPrice - set ma price
  • PsarStep - set Psar step for Psar trail type
  • PsarMax - set Psar max
  • ShowStopTarget - show stoploss and target markers
  • TextFont - set text font
  • TextSize - set text size
  • TextColor - set text color
  • HighlightColor - highlight colors
  • ButtonTextColor - set button default text color
  • ButtonBgColor - set button default background color
  • ButtonTextFont - set button font
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