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Super ADX

To generate a signal when using the standard ADX indicator, the ADX line should cross some level - 20, 22, 22, etc. This level is hard to be determined precisely, that is why it is not easy to use.

This indicator solves the problem by not using this level at all. It has a signal line (the red one). If it crosses +DI upwards, a sell signal is generated; if it crosses -DI downwards, a buy signal is generated. The signal is canceled at a reverse crossing.

The signal line has a parameter of sensitivity. The higher the value, the higher the noise filter on high-volatility instruments. The lower the value, the more accurate signal. Recommended values ​​are 5 to 30, you can try higher ones.

Any standard timeframe can be selected.

  • Timeframe of ADX (0 - current) - the timeframe used for indicator calculations
  • ADX period
  • Applied price (close, open, etc.) - price type used for calculations
  • Sensitivity of signal line - best values are -30
  • Averaging method - averaging method of the signal line
jrrichardson83 2017.06.17 04:21 

Pretty lousy indicator. Might be the programming, but the so-called "signal line" doesn't track at all well with changes in trend. Promises a lot and delivers very little, but...meh...it was only $10 bucks.

fabbry72 2017.01.21 13:48 

Good idea , more simple to understand this fantastic indicator

I used it for my personal breakout strategy ACB, very useful.



Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 07:33 

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