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JagzFx History AutoLogger

JagzFX History AutoLogger creates and updates a CSV file export of all completed trades.

Simply attached this indicator to any one chart and it will automatically start logging all completed trades to the MQL4\Files folder as often as you wish, e.g. every 1, 10, 60 mins.


  • Automatically logs trading history, no need for manual exports;
  • Simply attach it to any chart and set the export frequency in minutes;
  • Automatically names the file based on the account number (e.g. 123456.csv);
  • Automatically saves the file in the MQL4\Files folder for easy location.


  • LogRefreshMins—History export frequency in minutes (default is 10);
  • LogoColor—Color of the indicator name shown on the chart (default is Gold).
  • LegendColor—Color of information text shown on the chart (default DeepSkyBlue).
  • FontSize—Size of the text shown on the chart (default is 10)

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