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Loss Protection EA

Based on famous loss recovery system this EA is very flexible and customizable automated form of the strategy. You can set closer exit points based on the number of total opened orders so quick exits can reduce the risks to a lowest level.

Loss Recovery System

This system insures any losing trades ending up in profit for you, suppose you opened a buy order and market starts to move against you, after a specified number of pips the recovering opposite position will be opened with increased lot size now if market keeps moving down both positions will be closed at a value of specified profit pips, in case the market starts move back after second lot is opened another buy order will be opened at first buy price and again it will be opened with higher lot size, if the market picks that direction again all the orders will closed at predetermined amount of profit pips.

Overall this strategy ends up in profit every time if you have calculated your total risk and margin requirements.


  • auto trend following entry option
  • editable recovery pips option to determine when you want the recovery system to get active
  • you can set the lot increment ratio to fit your risk level
  • limit the total number of orders
  • quick exit options based on total number of opened orders so the EA can close all trades before you face any margin requirement risk
  • shorter exits result in low DD ratio

EA Settings Panel:

Recommended time frame is H1.

  • time filer: gives you the option to set the EA to only work during specified day hours
  • Max Orders Number: limit the total number of orders EA can open (if set to 0 =unlimited)
  • First Position: buy, sell or auto. If set to auto EA will pick the current H1 trend to open the first order and also will look for current trend every time before the first order.
  • Pip Recovery: mention the number minus pips till the system gets active and opens an opposite position, base is 50 pips, lower value will result in more orders. Closer exit points can be handy in case you are using lower value for recovery pips.
  • Lot Increment: The ratio to increase every new lot size once the recovery system is active. 1.4 and 1.6 are the base values, higher value results in higher profits + higher risk
  • Exit Settings: lot exit 1 will set the take profit for first order, lot exit 2 is the value of profit to exit when total number of opened is 2, same way lot exit 3 setting will allow you to set the profit pips when total number orders is 3... so you can decide and totally customize the setting to if you want to exit too quickly when the total number of orders is increasing.
Haseebsh88 2018.10.03 20:45 

And yes, Finally got something Amazing...Best EA so far...A 100 % 5 star !!