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Hidden Breakeven

This product does not open trades but modifies them for you.

Hidden Breakeven works like the normal one, but it does not use OrderModify to change the existing Stop Loss. You set Break_even_pips=2. If your position moves 2 pips in profit, Break_even is activated. You set Break_even=1, when the price reverses to a point where position profit is equal to 1, the position is closed at the market price. There is a possibility of slippage.

Trades are filtered by MagicNumber.

This is a good solution for scalpers and traders who want to quickly protect their profit without the broker's minimum stop level restrictions.


  • Break_even_pips - the number of pips that the current price has to move away from the entry price to trigger the move of the Stop Loss price to breakeven.
  • Break_even - the number of pips away from the entry price to where the Stop Loss has to be moved. If 0, the entry price is used.
  • MagicNumber - if you use an EA, match this magic number with the EA's one or put 0 for manual trades.
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.08 02:56 

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