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This robot will do all routine such as opening orders, placing stop orders at a required distance, order trailing...

It is important to place orders in such a way that when closing you do not lose more than 2% of your deposit (or even 1% or less depending on your deposit). It is rather complicated to perform such calculations. It will be better if you entrust this job to a robot.

The EA automatically places stop orders at 20 points at least (you can adjust the distance in parameters) depending on the percentage you are ready to risk in one trade. But if your lot is too big, this system will automatically decrease the lot (if LotsOptimized = false) or risk (if LotsOptimized = true).

If the minimum lot size is reached, and the estimated distance to the stop order is less than the specified limitation (20 points by default), you will get a notification, and the robot will stop trading.

Orders should be opened using the robot (the EA's control panel will be displayed on the chart for this purpose) and after all required calculations in accordance with parameters some of which (the key ones) are set on the control panel...

  • Calculation Automatic_calculation: method for calculating a distance for stop orders in points or percents of the deposit;
  • StopLoss_Percentage: distance for stop orders as percentage;
  • StopLoss: distance for stop orders in points. This parameter also limits minimum allowed distance as percentage of the deposit;
  • TakeProfit_Percentage: order profit distance as percentage;
  • TakeProfit: order profit distance in points;
  • UseTrailingStop: allow/prohibit order trailing;
  • TrailStart: distance to start trailing in points;
  • StepTrall: trailing step;
  • Breakeven : allow/prohibit moving to breakeven;
  • StopLevel: distance for moving to breakeven in points;
  • Slippage: allowed price slippage;
  • sinput Magic: order identifier, if set to 0, it will track all open orders of the current pair;
  • LotsOptimized: allow/prohibit automated lot calculation depending on the risk;
  • Lots: lot (initial volume of orders);
  • RiskPercent: risk for automated lot calculation;
  • x and y: coordinates of positioning the control panel on the chart;

This robot ensures profitable and safe trading. You need only to determine the price movement direction and click one button. The robot will do the rest.

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