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Original background for MQL5

It is commonly known that colors influence on human livelihood process, especially if we talk about live of a trader. Psychologist assert that we need to follow our sixth sense and select such colors in everyday life which will be the most comfortable to us. Tense anxiety prevention involves consideration of nature of the color impact on a human being. The best range of colors having the most beneficial effect on people are green, yellow-green and blue-green gradations.

Using this indicator you can influence on your emotions and well-being. You make an independent selection of a color (program) necessary at this moment. It can be easily done: enable the sunset (default) or sunrise mode, select the color scheme. Not only basic colors but also custom color sets are available. Enable The Replacement of the Main Background Colors to paint all windows of the instrument. Specify initial background settings in the Basic Background parameter to save them after you delete the indicator.

I hope you will enjoy the wide choice of colors and I will be happy to receive your suggestions and feedbacks.

Maycon Oliveira
Maycon Oliveira 2019.04.29 14:09 

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Versión 1.1 2015.09.03
Changed the initial color and improved screen coloring.