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Alert of Volatility

Get informed about any change of volatility of the market via PUSH notifications by using VolatilityAlert EA on your iPhone or on your Android device. Put VolatilityAlert EA on the chart that interests you and it will set up and send you alerts if volatility occurs on any timeframe. If you follow trends in your strategy this application would be the BEST choice for you!

The VolatilityAlert EA is based on a Bollinger Bands Technical Indicator [BB]. VolatilityAlert EA works for all timeframes of the test market so this tool will set up and send you alerts if the trade is volatil on any examined timeframe. In input parameters you can choose the exact timeframe that needs to be examined. VolatilityAlert EA could be placed on unlimited number of charts – the tool will examine every chart in a parallel way. It is up to you:

The more charts you choose, the more effective you are!


Use VolatilityAlert EA on a Virtual Private Server on as many charts as possible and you will get useful information about any change of trading relations NON-STOP!

Advanced Settings:

  1. Connect your mobile to MetaTrader 4 platform to get push notifications on your phone.You can manage it in your MetaTrader 4 platform menu:

  2. Add VolatilityAlert EA on chart! After successful buying VolatilityAlert EA could be found on MetaTrader4 platform on the following site:

    • Expert Advisors → Market → VolatilityAlert EA
    • To start VolatilityAlert EA put Expert Advisor to the exact chart.

VolatilityAlert EA examines all timeframes in a parallel system so the exact chart can be any chart in any timeframe.


After you put VolatilityAlert EA on the chart a window will appear where you can manage settings.

  1. Common [TAB] settings should be:
    • Common:
      • Long & Short – Positions
      • Check – Enable alerts
      • Uncheck – Disable alert once hit
    • Live Trading:
      • Uncheck – Allow live trading [it can be ACTIVE or NON ACTIVE]
        VolatilityAlert EA will not open a position, it will just alert you if necessary!
    • Safety:
      • Uncheck – Allow DLL imports
      • Check – Allow import of external experts
  2. Inputs [TAB] settings should be:
    • Volatility Coefficient = 1.5 [this value is OPTIMAL]
      It could be examined by the help of the VolatilityCoefficient Indicator for FREE! Just one click: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/mt4/indicator
    • BootAlert = TRUE
      IF it is true it will send you alerts when VolatilityAlert EA is loaded.
    • M1_chart_check = TRUE
      IF it is true it examines the votalitily of the M1 timeframe and it will send alerts to your mobile.
    • M5_chart_check = TRUE
      IF it is true it examines the votalitily of the M5 timeframe and it will send alerts to your mobile.
    • ...
    • MN_chart_check = TRUE
      IF it is true it examines the votalitily of the MN timeframe and it will send alerts to your mobile.
  3. NOW push AutoTrading button in Toolbar to start the VolatilityAlert EA!
  4. Have a Good TRADE!


VolatilityAlert EA in Demo mode – in case of using Strategy Tester – will not send PUSH notifications to your mobile - You can test only it’s operation!

DO NOT Forget!

Trading strategies are only profitable in volatile trading relations!

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Versión 1.2 2015.09.21
This Update contains the following modification:

- added popup and sound alerts

- you can choose between three types of alert which you will use
Versión 1.1 2015.08.11
Division by zero bug fixed!