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Forex Expert Pro

Forex Expert Pro is a universal multi-currency EA which automatically performs trading operations, at that pair movement direction does not really matter. The trading robot works on any timeframe and currency pair. It has the reinvestment function, which allows to increase small deposits ($300-$500) within a short period of time. News and market situation do not matter. Trading is performed both during flat and along a trend. The robot does not require optimization and control.


  1. does not use Martingale system.
  2. does not use indicators and oscillators.
  3. has the reinvestment function.
  4. loyal to slippage and floating spread.
  5. has stop loss orders.
  6. does not require complicated settings (setup will take 3 minutes).
  7. works with any FOREX broker.

Trading Robot Setting:

It is better to select pairs with medium or high volatility. Good results have been achieved on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. Select one or two pairs per $1000 of the deposit to start the robot's operation. Drag it on the chart and it will run like clockwork. It's advisable to select an account with leverage 1:200 or higher. We recommend using VPS to ensure more qualitative and reliable operation.


  • GMT =3 (select GMT depending on the terminal time)
  • Lot =0.01 to a maximum value (Risk=0 if you use a fixed lot)
  • Risk=1 (percentage of loss from one trade, calculated as percentage of the deposit, recommended value is 0-7%, then Lot=0).
  • Loss=12 (by default according to the current volatility).
  • Profit=30 (by default).
  • Breakeven =0 (by default, breakeven point)
  • Trail=10 trailing stop (recommended to use the default value)
  • Distance=0 (by default)
  • Hour installation orders GMT =21 (hour of placing orders by GMT - when orders are placed)
  • Hour sitting warrants Monday GMT =23 (hour of placing orders by GMT on Monday - Monday is an exception)
  • Hour closing orders GMT= 20 (hour of closing orders by GMT - when orders are closed)
  • Hour closing orders on Friday GMT=18 (hour of closing orders by GMT on Friday - Friday is an exception)
  • Slippage=2 (by default).
  • Magic Number=93628157 (by default)

About the Author:

Professional trader, experience of trading on investment markets is from 2009, awardee of GOLD of 999,99 rate III season, author of the SRS-strateg trading strategy and the FOREX TREND EA. For the time being teaches newcomers to trade on FOREX.

For customers:

For any questions please send the author a private message or use the email: investor-vip-com@yandex.ru

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