13 abril 2019, 07:21
Marta Gonzalez

Option of trade serie curiosity:

  • Magic Number: magic number
  • Indicator option: Option of the indicator used in the version os curiosity

  • Configuration of Trade Mode:
  • 1)STOP_ORDER_BREAK. :Using pending order for the entry in BREAK direction

  • 2) MARKET_ORDER_BREAK: Using market order for the entry in BREAK direction
  • 3) STOP_ORDER_PULLBACK.:Using pending order for the entry in pullback direction
  • 4) MARKET_ORDER_PULLBACK. Using market order for the entry in pullback direction
  • 5) OCO_PULLBACK.Using OCO order order for the entry in pullback direction
  • 6) OCO_BREAK. Using OCO order order for the entry in BREAK direction

  • Configuration of Operative_mode:

  • 1)Normal: Do not use operative option.
  • 2) Trend Follow: Use Trend Follow operative (this operative does not use sl, tp, tl or be in the second order).
  • 3) Price Attack: Aggressive mode. Used virtual sl,tp and tl.
  • 4) Trend Attack: Use mode Price attack in lost an trend follow in profit ( Used virtual sl,tp and tl)
  • 5) Protection: Use one algorithm mode of protection ( Used virtual sl,tp and tl)
  • 6) Trend Protection: Use one mix to trend follow and algorithm mode of protection ( Used virtual sl,tp and tl
Other entry option:

  • Configuration of Entry Point
  • 1)size: Size of de entry.
  • 2)margin_exit: margin security of exit.
  • 3)margin_entry: margin security of entry
  • 4)margin_box: margin size of box break
  • filter_range: Activate Impulse filter.

  • 1) distance_filter: Distance Impulse filter.
  • 2) Impulse_Entry: Activate Impulse filter in the entry.
  • 3) Impulse_Exit: Activate Impulse filter in the exit.
  • 4) Impulse_Power: Power of the Impulse.
  • 5) Impulse_Time: Time of the Impulse.
  • 6) Impulse_Filter: Filter of the Impulse.

  • Configuration of Position
SL_mode: Select stop loss model:
  •  1) Auto_SL: Stoploss automatic
  •  2) Use_Pip_SL: Stoploss  in Pip
  •  3) Hidden_SL: Stoploss in funtion of support and resistance
  •  4) No_SL: No used Sl
sl: Pip for Stoploss

TP_mode: Select Take profit model
  •   1) Auto_TP:Take profit automatic
  •   2)  Use_Pip_TP,: Take profit in pip
  •   3)  Hidden_TP: Take profit in funtion of support and resistance
  •   4)  No_TP: No used Take profit

tp: Pip for Take profit
Spread_Correct: Use correction of spread in stop loss and take profit.
  • Configuration of Lot
Lot_mode: Option of the lot of inicial trade.
  • 1)Auto_LOT: Lot automatic
  • 2) Equity_Lot: Lot in funtion of Equity
  • 3) Stop_Lot: Lot in funtion of distance os Stop Loss
  • 4) Fixed_Lot: Lot Fixed
  • 5) lot_For_sl: Calculate the lot for the stop Loss

Fixed_LOT: Value of fixed lot 
BaseLots: Lot initial of the algorithm
BaseEquity: Equity for lot 

Risk_mode: Risk used un automatic lot
  • 1) Conservative: Conservative algorithm
  • 2) Standard: Standard algorithm
  • 3)Aggressive: Aggressive algorithm
  • 4) Super_Aggressive: Super_Aggressive algorithm
  • 5) Personalized: Personalized  risk

Percentage_Lots: For Personalized lot
Protection_loss: Activate algorithm of proteccion loss
Protection_mode: Select mode of protection loss
  • 1)Exponential,: Exponential algorithm
  • 2) Adding_Factor: Adding Factor algorithm
  • 3)  Adding: Adding algorithm
EXP: Value of exponencial algorithm of proteccion mode
ADD_Factor: Value of Adding factor algorithm of protecction mode
ADD: Value of Adding  algorithm of protecction mode
  • Configuration of exit
  • Use_TP_Percent: Activate Tp for Percent
  • Percent_Profit: Value of Percent Profit
  • Use_SL_Percent: Activate Sl for Percent
  • Maximum_Loss: Maximun loss permet
  • Used_TargetEquity: Used Equity for target
  • TargetEquity: Value of Target Equity

  • Configuration of breakeven
  • BreakEven: Activate Break Event
  • BreakEvenAt: initial Value of Break Event
  • BreakEvenTo: Vaule of moving of Break Event
  • Configuration of Trailing
  • Trailing: Activate Trailing
  • TrailingStop: Value of Trailing Stop
  • TrailingStep: Value Of Trailing Step
  • AllPositions: Trailing in all positions.         
  • ProfitTrailing: Trailing only in profit trade.
VirtualTrailingStop: Activate Virutal Trailing stop:
  • parameters_trailing:
  • 1) by ATR indicator
  • 2) by Parabolic indicator
  • 3) by MA indicator
  • 4)  by profit % 
  • 5) by extremums of candle
  • 6) by fractals
  • 7) by points
TF_Tralling: Select timefreme Of Trailing:

  • Stop loss movement step
  • Minimal profit of trailing stop in points
  • Trailing from breakeven point
  • Offset from the stop loss calculation level
  • Information output color
 Advanced_Options of virtual trailing:
  •  Percent of profit (method 3)
  •  Parabolic Step (method 4)
  • Parabolic Maximum (method 4)
  •  MA period (method 5)
  • Averaging method (method 5)
  •  Price type (method 5)
  •  ATR period (method 6)
  • Configuration of Time to Trade
  • Hours for operative EA (true/false).

  • Open_Hour: Hour Open time (0-23).
  • Open_Minute: Minute Open time (0-59).
  • Close_Hour: Hour Close time (0-23).
  • Close_Minute: Minute Close time (0-59).
  • Hour_to_Close_Trade: Hour for close open trade of the EA (true/false).
  • Close_Trade_Hour: Hour to Close trade (0-23).
  • Close_Trade_Minute: Minute to Close trade (0-59)

  • Information in the Screen
  • information: Show Information of Cicle
  • Commentary: Show Information of expert in the screen     
  • Line: Show Line of break in the screen

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