29 weeks (since 2021)
808K USD
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  • Equity
  • Drawdown
Profit Trades:
315 (86.30%)
Loss Trades:
50 (13.70%)
Best trade:
54.45 USD
Worst trade:
-47.40 USD
Gross Profit:
2 079.69 USD (105 856 pips)
Gross Loss:
-419.86 USD (27 928 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins:
37 (212.18 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit:
507.45 USD (16)
Sharpe Ratio:
Trading activity:
Max deposit load:
Latest trade:
3 days ago
Trades per week:
Avg holding time:
2 days
Recovery Factor:
Long Trades:
92 (25.21%)
Short Trades:
273 (74.79%)
Profit Factor:
Expected Payoff:
4.55 USD
Average Profit:
6.60 USD
Average Loss:
-8.40 USD
Maximum consecutive losses:
9 (-103.35 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss:
-103.35 USD (9)
Monthly growth:
Annual Forecast:
Algo trading:


Symbol Deals Sell Buy
50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
Symbol Gross Profit, USD Loss, USD Profit, USD
250 500 750 1K 1.3K 1.5K 1.8K 2K 2.3K 2.5K 2.8K 3K
250 500 750 1K 1.3K 1.5K 1.8K 2K 2.3K 2.5K 2.8K 3K
250 500 750 1K 1.3K 1.5K 1.8K 2K 2.3K 2.5K 2.8K 3K
Symbol Gross Profit, pips Loss, pips Profit, pips
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K


Best trade:
54.45 USD
Maximum consecutive wins:
37 (212.18 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit:
507.45 USD (16)
Worst trade:
-47.40 USD
Maximum consecutive losses:
9 (-103.35 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss:
-103.35 USD (9)
Drawdown by balance:
0.00 USD
103.35 USD (11.68%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance:
15.59% (52.78 USD)
By Equity:
57.48% (331.73 USD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open position during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed position using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each position as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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The average slippage based on execution statistics on real accounts of various brokers is specified in pips. It depends on the difference between the provider's quotes from "Weltrade-Real" and the subscriber's quotes, as well as on order execution delays. Lower values mean better quality of copying.

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0.00 × 1
HouseOfBorse-Multi Assets
0.00 × 67
0.00 × 20
0.00 × 307
0.00 × 322
0.00 × 49
0.00 × 1
0.00 × 50
0.00 × 46
0.00 × 205
0.00 × 1
0.00 × 20
0.00 × 1
0.00 × 4
RoboForex-MetaTrader 5
0.00 × 1
0.00 × 134
0.00 × 2
FIBOGroup-MT5 Server
0.00 × 2
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0.00 × 3
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( all trades will be the same as some of my other signals )

Manual Trading on GBPUSD. using manual Stop Loss or Cut Loss, not all trades end in profit. not every day there is a trade, it depends on the market conditions. I will use a fixed lot of 0.1 , and under certain conditions the maximum concurrent trade is 4 positions.

based on previous experience, I will not add any deposit or withdrawal as long as there are still open trades.

I suggest you use 95% of your balance, and no need to limit "out equity if less than.... Usd", for example when you deposit 10,000, but you limit 50%, you better deposit $5,000 and use it fully. maybe the monthly profit is around 20%, but I never target profit, so when it reaches 20% I keep trading according to market conditions. Likewise, when almost a month I haven't gotten 20%, I won't rush after it, it all depends on market conditions. The 20% profit is just an overview so you can consider the appropriate amount of capital and subscription fees. You don't need to select stop loss copy and take profit options.

Tips from me to follow this signal.

- when you click subscribe button, use vps, set parameters. Enough up here, the rest let me do the work for you.

- You don't need to monitor trading positions all the time, what's the point of following signals if you are still actively monitoring trading positions.

- it will be better after everything is running normally, you only need to monitor it once a week.

- You don't have to panic or get emotional when I cut loss / SL. because it is almost impossible to win on every trade.

- You need to know, that my trading duration is one month, so I will withdraw all profits at the end of the month. when the loss occurs in the middle of the month, you should not conclude that this month has experienced a loss, because you can conclude that the profit or loss must be at the end of the month.

- Do not put all your money in a trading account, make regular withdrawals if there is a profit and keep it in a bank account.

- You do not need to inform the signal provider about the technical terms of the trade.

I hope we can work together for the long term.

Maximum Loss Limit 35% of my account balance, if 35% loss I will close all positions and take one week break. no additional deposit in my account when there are open positions


Sharif Hidayat

how to subscribe signal ? >>>>>  Signal

how to install vps ? >>>>> VPS

Average rating:
Longsen Chen
Longsen Chen 2021.09.16 15:26 

[Sep 16,2021]这个星期牛逼

[July 27,2021] She broke her rule of DD < 25%. It's now 36%, but I didn't see any action on controlling DD. Her change is a risky change. I suspend the signal and deal with my account by myself until the event is over. I went through the diasters of AlterGold and ALterProfit. First change was ignoring the rule.

[May 02,2021] Subscibed to this signal today because of low DD and high profit.

Wayside48 2021.09.14 11:01 

UPDATE 2021-09-10 - Well we survived once again and made yet more money! Syarif said that he would not exceed a 25% DD which he did briefly, but I find that I can forgive that; he was absolutely convinced that the pair would go down, and it did shortly after the DD limit was exceeded. Whether this is by good luck or superb expertise I don't know but I'm prepared to continue trusting him.

I have deleted some of my earlier comments to avoid this getting too long and therefore unreadable!

UPDATE 2021-09-01: If he were trading as he did before (making around 7% per week for me) then I would be very happy with his intention of closing all positions if the drawdown exceeds 25% because it would not take long to make that up. After all it only happened once so far in the life of the signal. However, he has effectively halved the size of each trade (by increasing the balance ten fold and only increasing the trade size by 5). This alone will halve the weekly profit, making his 20% drawdown limit far more significant than it would have been. He also seems to be firmly sticking to his plan of only opening four trades maximum - we have been stuck with four sell positions for some days and he has not attempted other trades meanwhile, not even buys which would hedge the sells. Obviously I can't do better or I would be, but we don't seem to have the same trader here that we used to. Maybe he's still feeling his way after the problems of early August - let's see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Andres Felipe Vergara Gonzalez
Andres Felipe Vergara Gonzalez 2021.09.07 02:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

intergold 2021.09.05 10:34 

Update {05.09.21}

I subscribed for another month this week with a 0.4 risk ratio, thinking maybe this person came to their senses and will do better. But it turns out they are just a liar,, nothing else. They promised not to have more than 4 trades at a time. They broke this promise. They promised again to cut losses at 25% DD. Broken again. They encouraged people to message them, I did, no response. Is there one, just one single thing that this person didn't lie about? Is there one thing this person promised and kept their promise? No. There isn't. Think about it for a second. Are you really willing to put your money into the hands of a complete stranger far away from you, who has let down their subscribers in the past already, causing millions of USD to disappear, and who is breaking their promises again, just after a few weeks of making them? Is that what you really want to do? Sadly he is still earning a very good money with hundreds of subscribers and in the end he will get them rid of all their capital. Stay away from this swindler.

Update [01.08.21}

He/she (who cares, probably Andi anyway) just posted an update that pretty much makes no sense anyway. But hey, don't worry, he is sorry for the people who lost everything just because somehow he "couldn't control" the trades. Couldn't control in this case means he violated his DD rules for some reason, and, also for some unknown reason, he opened a ton of insane trades.

But still, don't worry, he promises he will move to another broker and will start over again, probably under another name, to destroy even more people's lives.

Arimbi, I have no idea what you tried to achieve with this post, but now I'm literally scared how incompetent you appear to be.

Update [28.07.21}

Guys this piece of sh*t just added money to his/her trading account. No warning, no communication, no respect of his/her own rules in the description, ready to blow up millions of dollars in the process, just to earn some money on the subscription.

If this account survives and any follower stays here, they deserve their fate.

Update [26.07.21]

The first proven lie from the signal provider. In the description they say their DD limit is 25%. Now that the DD reached 25%, they opened a new trade and the current DD is 26.2%. So this was a lie in the description. I've been waiting for this moment because it is important for me to see if a signal provider keeps what they promise. When they don't, their whole description and the trust with it goes into the bin.

Now ask yourselves: Do you want to put your hard earned money into the hands of a stranger who flat out lies to you? Should you not just buy some lottery tickets?


Just think about it.


Basic rules of professional trading:

- Buy low, sell high.

- Use adequate money management (sl, tp, proper lot size etc.).

- Don't ever use grid, or martingale.

This "ttader" does the complete opposite here. This might be nice in the returns as long as their luck lasts, but these types of accounts ALWAYS wipe out. Always. Nobody can show one trading account with similar strategy, that has been around for years with consistent profit.

And the sad thing is that people, who desperately want to believe, joined again, just like to the Alter accounts that blew up several weeks ago, and when this one goes in the near future, millions of dollars will be lost again from the subscribers.

And the signal provider will win again on the subscription fees.

Now they are earning thousands of dollars on the subscription, why do you think that they only still trade with a few hundreds of their own money?

Because they know that it will eventually get lost.

Stay away from this, I warned you.

Diego Ferreira De Souza -
Diego Ferreira De Souza - 2021.09.04 03:11 

2021.09.04 - Please do not call negative qualifications during DD, I believe you will reverse this picture!

Most trust your ability, that's why we're here. DD always exists, but we are sure it will always be calm.

Ben Rakov
Ben Rakov 2021.09.03 23:13  (modified 2021.09.15 10:14) 

Very impressive profit so far.

junichi 2021.08.20 16:28  (modified 2021.08.22 08:18) 




Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2021.08.16 10:37 

Update August 16th: I studied this trader for several months here at MQL5. How he is trading is very, very dangerous in several ways:

1) increases position size in a catastrophic way

2) makes new deposits to his account, which is not very helpful for other traders, as then DD is reduced for him but not better for other traders copying him

3) no communication to followers, etc., etc.

at the end, it is for followers not possible to copy him again as MQL put this signal to dangerous level, which makes further subscription impossible.

Finally, I can give 1 star for this signal. sorry

Update August 4th, 2021: Up to now this signal could not convice me. in the last weeks we have seen some great trades. but if trader is trading against trend and if counter-trend is becoming more and more bigger, trader is in some stress situation.

now over 60 % in drawdown (DD).

I copy only with 20 %, better save than sorry.

wish you all good trades


Update July 27th, 2021: at the moment we see a kind of stress test for Arimbi. he/she is opening a lot of counter-trend trades into the opposite direction of market. what I do not understand is, why he/she changes risk of trades. at the beginning of drawdown time there were opened trades which are 2-3 times higher than now. so how is it possible to compensate trades in loss with lower risk? but I still rely in this signal. I copy only 20 % of max. initial deposit. at the moment the signal is about 35 % in minus, for me about 7 %. wish you all good trades and let´s hope that GBPUSD will soon change into short direction ;-)

stay safe in this Covid times and all the best.

Update July 14th: hi traders, hope you are fine. some are asking here if Arimbi is similar to Andy´s trading of AlterProfit, which exploded some weeks ago. My answer: I think it might be same EA with different risk management or manual take profit. Up to now I would not see heavy risk with a DD of about 10 %. However, I only copy 30 % of initial deposit so not 100 or 99 % which is max. possible with MT5 trading platform.

By the way, maybe you take your profits by yourself when you think that price will not further into the right direction.

I wish you all good trades and stay healthy

Update June 24th: subscription fee was heavily increased from 30 to 50 USD, so it would be better to have a larger account. Arimbi is invested for several days in a trade awaiting counter-trend movement. up to now good-very-good results. I copy only 20 % of initial deposit. you can fix this in your MT5 platform for signals. big advantage if you copy less is that you will not reach such high drawdown if you cannot live with it. wish you all good trades.

Update June 11th: very good and stable trading. you can in my eyes rely on this signal but don´t copy to high percentage of your initial deposit. you can set this in MT5 at the signal. I copy only 10-20-30 %.

as we have seen in the last days, there have been a lot of traders with problems in the markets.

either with market conditions or with their trading personality.

even the best trading system does not help you, when your emotions are going away.

with ARIMBI, in my eyes, everything is perfect.

thank you Arimbi for your good trading, stay safe and have a nice weekend.

same to you, all traders, here at MQL5. wish you all time good trades


Update May 31st: up to now, this signal could not convince me. but it is also a story of movement in the markets, which is now very low.

the trading frequency is low, but safe.

in May she could achieve very high performance, so I think she does not want to risk performance in the last day in May.

Arimbi is trading GBPUSD. I copy only 10 % of initial deposit and am about 1 % in DD.

hope we will see another great trading in June, I will further report.

I started last Friday to copy this signal. Closed some trades manually and copy at the beginning only 10 % of initial deposit as my account is quite large in comparison to the trading account of signal provider (USD 300).

up to now good result. if I would have fully copied about 2 % in two days.

I will further report.

good trades to all of you and stay healthy in these times

8002624 2021.08.15 12:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Montvid 2021.08.13 18:48 

Шляпа полная. Автор работает уже не по той стратегии. НЕ рекомендую!

MichielDegroote 2021.08.12 22:47 

Why the deposit of 2400dollars suddenly? You were finally back on track.

70055662 2021.08.12 11:30   

very poor risk management, didnt stick to the 25% dd and even worse added capital and decimated all her subscribers.. she must have caused losses in millions of dollars

Sunfire 2021.08.09 06:34 

中文:dú zhōng wén dí péng yǒu mén , qǐng jiā rù wǒ mén dí xìn hào jiāo liú diàn bào qún 。 qǐng sī xùn wǒ 。

Khimnyiap 2021.08.08 15:25 

No proper strategy at all, what she do is only pray for the trend to come back, did not respect DD rule, causing hundreds of subscribers losing their money while she adding more capital into her account without notice to reduce the DD and make it looks better, absolutely didn't care about subscribers' money, what she care is our subscriber's monthly fees.

Kamran Halakouei
Kamran Halakouei 2021.08.07 17:43 

So bad!!!

Salim.J83 2021.08.06 21:58 

so she found a loophole, added equity during a big drawdown to hide the losses but everyone else got a big haircut.. very irresponsible.. didnt respect the DD limit that was advertized and bears responsibility for alot of lost investor capital.. dont do it

doom3mk 2021.08.05 22:07 

It was great, now many accounts have been zeroed out. In general, everything started to fall apart with the arrogant increase of the signal fee. I do not recommend this to anyone.

oceanview 2021.08.05 07:55 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Jack Hayden
Jack Hayden 2021.08.05 05:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

nihaowe 2021.08.05 05:03 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2021.09.08 17:05 2021.09.08 17:05:18  

I realized after the incident in Arimbi in July, my trading was still very bad, some time ago I was also unwell, I will take a break for 2 days and will return to trading Monday 13 September.

2021.08.20 10:41
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.08.14 10:06 2021.08.14 10:06:28  

I have re-opened to be able to receive messages, if there is anything you want to ask, please send me a message, or just to scold me for recent events that resulted in losses in your account, I am ready to accept and will be a good listener. I will fix it and I make sure it won't happen again.

2021.08.12 20:57
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.08.11 20:18
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.11 19:17
High current drawdown in 31% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.09 13:19
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.09 11:43
High current drawdown in 30% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.09 00:51
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.08 23:49
High current drawdown in 31% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.06 16:41
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.05 05:47
High current drawdown in 32% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.05 03:11
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.05 02:09
High current drawdown in 30% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.04 22:30
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.03 17:26
High current drawdown in 32% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.03 15:54
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.08.01 14:02 2021.08.01 14:02:08  

sorry for the mess in the last 2 weeks , this started from my trade selling GBPUSD on july 21 . my trade at another broker has closed with 30 pip profit conditions, but at weltrade broker because of the bigger spread, it only made 27 pips, so I waited until 30 pips, but until that night, a buy signal has appeared and I am reluctant to close it. I should have closed the position as before and moved to buy, but that day for some reason I couldn't control it, and chaos ensued. I am very sorry for this incident. Maybe I will switch to a broker with a smaller spread in the next opportunity. hereby I have violated my DD limit, and I also had time to add a deposit to my account. I realize my mistake , and all the copyists who lost, I hope you can still profit elsewhere or in other endeavors. this is purely my fault.

2021.07.27 17:12
High current drawdown in 49% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2021.07.27 17:12
A large drawdown may occur on the account again
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