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Anita881 2021.01.10 16:26  (modified 2021.01.11 17:37)   

Don't pay for this shit signal.

I subscribe it from 14 Dec 2020, loss more than 20% upto 9 Jan 2021. This is not stable at all, where it just keeps open trades under indefinate positions and S/L again and again. It is too dangerous for subscribers and make everyone total loss. The worest signal I have never seen. REFUND REFUND REFUND

Highly recommand :

Laser , ECH 5 AUTO

Kam Cheong Alick Wong
Kam Cheong Alick Wong 2021.01.09 06:20 

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Miroslav Baca
Miroslav Baca 2021.01.08 19:55  (modified 2021.01.08 20:01) 

Oleksadr calm your traiding, please! No one wants you to earn a loss back - in one day! I am following your signal due to long term stability....

Don't be like the other idiots, who went bankrupt on EUR/USD in the last few weeks here.... I still belive you!

MQLONCE MONT PER 2021.01.08 18:13  (modified 2021.01.14 15:59) 

Creemos en tu trading tradicional, el normal. Veo con grande preocupación que estás SOBREAPALANCADO, estás perdiendo la cabeza. Recuperados ya de esa mala racha, es necesario recobrar la serenidad. Enfriar la cabeza y no echar a la basura nuestras cuentas. TRANQUILIDAD SEÑOR!!! A recobrar tu trading, tu estrategia.

Tu trading empieza con 2 microlotes. Estás metiendo 10. La entrada que hiciste fue una moneda al aire y sobreapalancada, cualquier cosa podía pasar y sucedió lo malo. Serénate, agarra de nuevo confianza, empieza con pocos microlotes. Tú sabes y puedes!!!

Enero 12 - 2021 "This is a complex trading. It involves a team of traders and a set of auxiliary advisors. The opening of trades is carried out by a consortium, each trade is controlled by both traders and advisors. Thus, the disadvantages of algorithmic trading by one advisor (or a group of advisors) and manual trading by a trader alone were taken into account and eliminated. This is an additional diversification of risks and a unique approach to trading, in which there is a professionalism and experience of a trader, as well as the accuracy of the inherent actions of algorithmic trading.

Definitivmante NO sé qué le sucede a tu equipo de trading... No entran en razón y siento que tiran mi cuenta a la basura!!!

Enero 14-2021. Se hicieron las advertencias de su mal trading. Operaciones sin sentido, MUY APALANCADAS, fuera de control. Echó la cuenta a perder con un 38.06% de DD. Un acto irresponsable y MISERABLE. Jugó sobre las ganancias que tenía. TOTALMENTE perjudicó suscriptores. Una total desgracia. Dónde quedó tu estabilidad???

Peter9999 2021.01.08 12:04 

too risky

Flo Rian
Flo Rian 2021.01.03 21:28 

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Eric Gimonet
Eric Gimonet 2020.12.24 06:14 

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Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2020.07.24 14:27  (modified 2020.08.13 03:11) 

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PSV73 2020.06.18 20:45  (modified 2020.06.18 21:06) 

I found the signal I was looking for! Easy trading, excellent copying,timely and professional feedback