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Norwegian66 2021.09.16 16:41 

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Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim 2021.08.27 22:37  (modified 2021.08.28 00:49) 

I tried many signals. So far this one is the best. I've been subscribed since April 2021. Great consistent result. 50k deposit is good enough to withstand drawdowns. I like how provider closes all deals over the weekend and withdraws anything over 50k. I've lost a lot of money trying other signals, that provide higher returns. Heck most of them are just under 1 year old. Also I've realized, most of signals are martingale, including Stabletrading, so it's best to stick to signals with bigger deposits (such as the one we're subscribed for), they more likely to survive unexpected market moves. If you don't have 50k to invest - start with Cent account, it will generate same % return with the same risk ratio. And don't forget, you still can loose everything, so don't invest all your money in one account/signal. From other hand signal provider has stepped up to managing account manually and bails out for small loss, when volatility is too high.

Oleksandr is very responsive and helpful. He gave me a lot of tips on how to get the best results, such as using free VPS from Roboforex, using Cent account, keeping remote server in good shape and many more.

Kway Yee Siang
Kway Yee Siang 2021.08.23 06:42  (modified 2021.08.23 08:29) 

Week of 16/8/21 : First week with Alexander's signal, so far so good!

4 stars for premature review but +1 star for a very helpful & responsive signal provider.

skbah 2021.07.22 08:04  (modified 2021.07.22 09:26) 

many thannnnks so far so good Excellent provider

affalterbach 2021.06.30 09:21 

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Jean Luc Louis Claude Klinger
Jean Luc Louis Claude Klinger 2021.06.09 09:40  (modified 2021.06.09 10:00) 

Me too ! I have to desactive and reactive the signal to recover the new positions and not in the "good tempo" of course :-( Afterwhat I chat with Olek and it appears what the problem came from MQL5.

thoman31 2021.06.07 22:00  (modified 2021.06.09 22:14) 

I also only 12 signals copied out of 20. I restarted MT5 and the 8 missing were taken at the same time. I also had problems with copies on other traders

gspencer 2021.05.24 07:47   

Anyone else having a problem with signals not copying? Signal has open trades, but they aren't opening on my account.

MQLONCE MONT PER 2021.05.18 06:02 

No encuentro motivo alguno por el que MQL5 le haya cerrado las señales a Oleksandr. Alguien conoce alguna causa? Es extraño. Solo tengo palabras de admiración para esta gran señal que manejada en sus justas posibilidades, otorga un buen rendimiento.

Pedro Girardello Da Costa
Pedro Girardello Da Costa 2021.05.14 16:23 

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