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Blerina Cupa
Blerina Cupa 2020.10.22 19:13 

Sorry but in 20 days I just lost ..... I can do better by myself. Thank you

Casaloco 2020.10.22 09:34 

Woke up to another profit this morning, and as it was my daily target, I'm happy.

Raptor2020 2020.10.20 11:01   

He is in love with GBPJPY.... Can't accept looses....

Tony Zhu
Tony Zhu 2020.10.19 22:12 

So much negativity going on here. No one is perfect. Cut the guy some slack.

lucie007 2020.10.19 12:14 

Doesn't know what he is doing. Trades meet huge drawdown and he doesn't respond because initially the trades weren't copying. Crappy service from a crappy trader! I want my money back!

Khaled Youssef
Khaled Youssef 2020.10.16 17:27 

Stay away please, the signal provider doesnt stick to his strategy, he's holding positions and adding on it for a very big drawdown, very high risk to reward.

seiangoku 2020.10.16 15:15 

I subscribed to this signal because i read on the description he's going to keep 1:1 p/l ratio. REality is completely different. he opened 2 positions on gbpjpy and let them drop 200 pips. then he opened other 2 positions trying to recover it doubling the exposure. without any SL set of course... i believe this is a little bit different than 1:1 ratio, it's more a 1:30 p/l ratio considering the winning trades are 15 pips. I also asked him to give explanation but no answer... The problem is not the DD or a bad trade, the problem is he shuold tell people his trading style more clearly so one can expect to go down more than 250 pips with 4 positions...

DKFit 2020.10.15 13:21   

How are some people saying this signal works?

Let's be real, opening trades with a TP that's like 10 pips away and no SL at all is stupid.

And for the love of god, stop opening more than 1 position at the same price!

Vahid Bigdeli
Vahid Bigdeli 2020.10.13 20:08  (modified 2020.10.13 20:11) 

just another non-sense and without stoploss position...

VXTom0792 2020.10.10 08:40  (modified 2020.10.13 19:06) 

这个信号不设置止损, 止盈只有200个点, 主做磅日。 想跟单的,可以先和我交流一下,XV 就是我名字Tom0792