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Leonides Sumayan
Leonides Sumayan 2020.07.11 00:08 

What is the problem of my account. I still did not receive any signal from the provider. I started from July 3, 2020. Please reply if what is the problem so that MQL5 will solve it. Thank a lot

mahmoudahmed555 2020.07.08 23:30   

I want to help . I want to refund my subscription. what should I do

KlasElo 2020.07.05 14:51 

I like this signal but MQL5.COM everyday tell me that there is a missmatch and I have too small funds. Different specifications. Problems to scale the amounts of lots. I leave the signal for the moment. Even if the system says there is a problem I have followed the signal and it works perfectly. Thanks for nice piece of code

ISHTIAQ AHMAD 2020.07.03 13:49   

Please reduce your capital so smaller accounts can follow your trades.

danellish 2020.06.24 10:56 

I must agree that the signal is not ment for smaller accounts. The robot take "big" positions and hold them long-time which could set of a margin call If you dont have enough equity on your account. Interesting concept tho. I think I might not renew until I get some sort of answer of the author of this signal.

HansReurings 2020.06.22 11:09 

Nothing happened since June 16th (6 days now), My open positions: 0.01 Buy & 0.01 Sell (this signal is not suitable for smaller accounts or not copying the correct volumes?), adding swap costs every night. I'll let it go for a couple of days, nothing to lose because of the small volumes, but certainly no renew.

ukoabasi Ekpoudom
ukoabasi Ekpoudom 2020.06.18 09:00 

Why are the loss trade not being added to the signal provider's trading account history for everyone to see. His account is showing that he has consistent profit, blue in all, but the trades he opened which was a huge loss on my account is not reflected on his trading account. There is definitely something fishy going on.

savasj 2020.06.17 12:56 

This guy is a complete crook ..sells a non-existing signal than doesn't offer any support or any sign of signal. And than asks me to read to find out as if I just bough a treasure hunt software. A quick email takes 2 min his response just lost him my money back and a bad review..Go figure ...dont waste your money with him...you get NO where...

Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid 2020.06.15 00:03 

Honestly one of the best signals I've worked with on MT5. He's consistent, responds to messages, executes a healthy volume of trades, and has produced a good ROI in the month that I've been subscribed with him. Keep up the good work ! Highly recommended. (PS: be careful with OTHER signal providers, one provider that charged me $30 disabled renewal of subscription and just up and quit providing signals with no prior warning)

Ryan Luke Dansie
Ryan Luke Dansie 2020.06.12 09:42 

Looking forward to using it. Unable to at the moment because of a technical MT5 issue nothing to do with the signal provider. Could you please tell me if the robot is available to buy as an EA in the marketplace?