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jherwin 2022.07.05 12:18 

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Xiao Yu Cheng
Xiao Yu Cheng 2022.07.05 01:14   

please add me to the private group. Thanks

Xi De Zhou
Xi De Zhou 2022.06.22 11:49  (modified 2022.08.08 06:26) 

No trades for the first week of August.(Updated 2020 08 08)

Pretty good signal,but your balance should be large for a better profit.

Please add me to the private group. Thanks!

momantic010 2022.06.21 07:45 

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Hamdy Houssien
Hamdy Houssien 2022.06.21 01:09 

Unfortunately This service provider is only good for those who have large amounts and not for those who have medium amounts in their account I signed up with him and I have $3,000 My profits were completely different from the profits earned in his account Sometimes the trades were closed with a loss in my account, while they were closed with a profit for him This is due to the difference in the value of the trades that are opened between my account and his account, and the different ratios required to achieve the required balance in the trades in order to reap the profits in my account, as happens in the account of the service provider

Martin Bettega
Martin Bettega 2022.06.20 02:50 

I have been a North East Way subscriber for about a year and the profit is real if you follow correctly the instructions: very important operating with an appropriate balance, correct leverage and VPN. I’m looking forward to buy North East Way EA as soon as the price drops hopefully:)

For now super satisfied

Thanks Pavel and continue your excellent job

amwbblkm 2022.06.16 05:54   


cpro 2022.06.15 05:53   

backtest shows that there are several GU deals closed at 1.2200 to reduce the risk but our live signal still keeps those orders. Do you know why? Is the live signal using your latest EA code?

Aussie222615 2022.06.07 07:28 

Not for me unfortunately, the loss seems to outweigh the win. Possibly due to my shitty leverage. Might be suitable for the more experienced higher leverage operator. Pavel is quick to reply to messages.

juancalopi 2022.05.31 04:43 

the best signal