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Wing Kin William Lee
Wing Kin William Lee 2020.09.29 02:52 

Very bad signal. Emotional and make DD to more than 40% - and the author said this is "completely normal". When ask the author and he upsell his USD700 EA for less risk. Want to lost 40% of your account? Go ahead to subscribe. Shit.

Hoda1 2020.09.25 14:24 

So bad signal with a lot of failure and repeated lose trades orders It finished my account in one day

Yu Gong
Yu Gong 2020.09.14 04:28 


Yasser Alnaqeeb
Yasser Alnaqeeb 2020.09.05 07:26 

I have decided to post my honest review after one month of subscription. Since I have successfully completed the first month, I must say this is a very good signal that anyone with good capital of at least $5000 may easily generate good and stable income, I have been running the signal on my account with almost 50% less risk than Pavel account and surprisingly it got me almost 5% profit which is extremely good compared to the risk taken. Pavel is very professional and supportive person, apart from MQL5 he also has a Telegram and Youtube channels to communicate with his followers in very responsive and professional manner. Traders who fail during the course of the signal may have not met the requirement to maintain the right money management, people need to understand the general rules of following a signal and the signal rules was also described very well, but but seems they decided to look only at the profit factor without taking in consideration the other side when things get ugly. Thank you Pavel once again and keep up the good work, I wish you and everyone a good luck.

Vahid Bigdeli
Vahid Bigdeli 2020.09.03 16:18  (modified 2020.09.29 03:02) 

Not a swap friendly EA/strategy but I already saw excellent results...also not suitable for the people who cares about drawdown very much .subscriber need same balance in order to make profit ..because it's semi martingale strategy and if he earn %5 per month you will earn 3% when you have lower balance and $4000 balance is not enough..it must be half or equal

Michael P
Michael P 2020.09.01 18:32 

This is a counter-trend strategy aimed at specific currency pairs with a strong mean-reversion characteristic. A profitable and effective idea overall, although suffering at the moment. It is clear that opening multiple positions is essential in order to find the top or bottom of the trend. Another benefit of the North East Way is less correlation with the USD and other majors, so it provides diversification in a portfolio of strategies. The owner / author Pavel is very knowledgeable and helpful. Four stars.

Jim Georgia
Jim Georgia 2020.08.29 09:49 

To all those in support of this signal :: You don't know the realm of trading world. Trader EA is definitely flawed, and remember whenever you see such large drawdowns and so many positions opened, it's one thing : In Experienced bad coded EA relying upon Martingale to recover. As per the global stats, 96% of people who use martingale, always end up loosing their money. Don't risk your money. There is no trend buying, grid buying or any of the other popular techniques or technical indicators at use, just plain martingale!!!

wakase-T 2020.08.28 15:15 

This is Martingale Hell.

giangnt60014 2020.08.19 05:03 

This strategy is good although it can make newbie feel scared when so many deals are opened and losing. But the final result is still profit. His suggestion about the minimum deposit is super important and should be followed to make profit.

Peter Kowatsch
Peter Kowatsch 2020.08.19 00:43  (modified 2020.08.20 13:10) 

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Signal. Mach weiter so ! Dein Persönlicher Bezug zu allem, macht das Signal zu Dir als Person. Danke Dir für Deine offenen Erklärungen und Erläuterungen.