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Wichai Chomvijit
Wichai Chomvijit 2020.11.27 16:41 


李孟炫 2020.11.25 11:34  (modified 2020.11.25 11:35) 

this signal win money all by lucky and not stoplose,it makes my acount alomost lose all money.200USD account.I think it not fit for mini account,it's better have more than 2000USD to run this signal.

Luan Gomes
Luan Gomes 2020.11.13 14:10   

I’m losing money and not understanding if I have to sop loss by myself or the robot will stop automatically

I can see the tp but no stop loss

Anyone can tell me how it works ? Thank you

Andrew 2020.11.12 21:28 

We are an institutional buyer of systems and signals on metatrader since 2008. North East Way signals is one of the better and most proven signals/systems available on the metatrader marketplace. The developer (Pavel), has developed a very robust trading system that generates high returns with reasonable risk and lightning fast recovery times out of drawdown. He offers good customer service. We gave him 5 stars because his product is a compelling value proposition.

Silvia Frias
Silvia Frias 2020.10.30 12:42 

Llevo un mes suscrita a esta señal y aunque es cierto que hace Martingale (cosa que puede verse en su histórico y a quien no le guste esta técnica no debería suscribirse), lo hace en 3 pares muy estables y que Pavel tiene muy testeados, en su robot puede verse que funciona (puedes hacer backtest tu mismo para asegurarte) y además lo hace en unos volúmenes que si sigues su recomendación de dinero y configuración al copiar la señal ganas de forma estable y sin mucho peligro. Sigue así haces un trabajo increíble!

Hang Chen
Hang Chen 2020.10.28 08:27   

Why are all lots 0.01?

Michael Hinsley
Michael Hinsley 2020.10.28 03:46 

EA literally just opened then immediately closed 20 trades back to to back! worked out to about $25 bucks you just handed to my broker on spread alone. No good!

Murali Krishna Chimakurthy
Murali Krishna Chimakurthy 2020.10.22 08:15 

Expensive for the volume of the trades.

joshtt2 2020.10.01 09:18 

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fred0607 2020.10.01 07:55 

我订阅这个信号已经2个月了,从一开始的紧张,到后期放心,最后我购买了这个ea。I have subscribed to this signal for 2 months. I was nervous at the beginning and then gradually relieved. Finally, I purchased this ea.