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E_Olusuyi 2022.05.20 15:51   

For some reason, only 8 trades done in 8 days. What's the point?

Todor Dimitrov
Todor Dimitrov 2022.05.12 05:50 

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Agustin Jorge Munoz Nafria
Agustin Jorge Munoz Nafria 2022.05.11 14:42 

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Bui Thi Bich Hang
Bui Thi Bich Hang 2022.05.06 02:54   

Yesterday my account opened 8 orders GU 0.28 lots, and 6 oders GU 0.68 lots then 4 oders 0.28 lot and 3 0.68 lot orders were closed at a loss, is there any problem with the signal?

NganNguyen9222 2022.05.04 18:08   

buying this signal for more than 60USD is the most stupid decision I was making in my life, showing more and more losess 3days and no SL, so stupid

meng12345 2022.04.29 10:34  (modified 2022.06.15 18:23)   


E B 2022.04.28 14:32  (modified 2022.05.09 10:55) 

GBPUSD could easily go as low as 1.20..ish, or even touch 2019 March lvls with UNCERTAINTIES in Ukraine.

Please consider not opening new orders in other pairs..

Jian Zhang Wang
Jian Zhang Wang 2022.04.28 13:27   


Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2022.04.28 13:05 

Update April 28th, 2022: up to now good profits this month. today we had already open trades with "only" 3-4 % in minus. now nearly up to -10 %. this counter trend trading of EURUSD, GBPUSD could become dangerous due to the critical world-political situation. nethertheless, fee of signal provider is for small accounts much too high. so you need a bigger account with at least USD 5000 if you have this signal and server of MQL5. wish you all good trades, health and peace in the world.

Update: Feb 02, 2022: in the last time only some trades and performance quite low. I agree, there are not always good chances for trading, but then the subscription fee should also be lower. You can calculate: 57 USD x 344 subscribers is quite a lot. would be perfect if subscription fee as reduced as small account, with e.g. only USD 5000 and 1.5 % performance a month have only USD 75 profit ;-)

Up to now, very good signals. I test since this week, first in demo account. up to now no negative signal. thank you Pavel for your great job. @rasendwind: you are right, this EA does not set stop-loss or it cannot be seen by broker, I do not know. but one idea: I personally set SL manually after EA has done entry. but this SL is later deleted by EA.

I have further question: your account size is about USD 28.000 with 0.05 lot. why does signal not correctly perform to higher lot size, e.g. 0.02 lot as I have USD 10.000 account?

张 三
张 三 2022.04.28 12:19