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Erik Krzisnik
Erik Krzisnik 2016.04.21 15:30  (modified 2016.04.21 15:32) 

Bad,very bad.Do not know how with this strategie made money.I am out.Buying on top and selling at the bottom.One of many bad signal

MrSurprise 2016.04.04 23:47 

Looking foward to this.

I appreciate the No Martingale, No grid and No Hedge style.

Otto 2016.02.07 17:26 

5 STARS because the provider gives valuable info:

1. The Provider gives info about how the strategy works. Most providers don't do this. I value no headging, no martingale and no grid. Makes me feel safe + publishes signal on fxstat

2. Uses famous reliable broker in my opinion

3. Uses a reliable fast low latency VPS. Actually same as me.

4. I tend not to have slip compared to the Providers entries and exits. But I only checked the 20 first trades.