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BDMLQ5 2020.05.28 20:21 

If you love your money do not subscribe - he is fraudulent. He keeps making money while at the same time loosing money for subscribers. He tried to get me register with a dodgy broker. I have asked him to refund my subscription which he refused. I will be reporting him as I have all his communication which he recommended a dodgy website to make me part with my deposit.

mi2010doo 2020.05.27 23:22   

I subscribe from 17-05-2020 until today 28-05-2020 no profit loss only the provider advice to change my broker from xm to ic market but still loss money and subscription without vain or profit , failed strategy or may be succeful if your account big amount from 50000$ or more .

Ok Man
Ok Man 2020.05.18 18:38 

the same like mi2010doo, i got loss and provider win dont undertstand how it can happen

O7B Peter
O7B Peter 2020.05.18 11:38 


I tested now this Signal for one week with the result, it does not work with my broker AdmiralMarkets-Live, although I'm working with a very fast rented server

In this testing time the holding time for the trades were between 5 seconds and 11 seconds. For all trades the Signal proider made a profit (between 4 - 7 pips) but I made only loss (between 2 - 7 pips) One trade of the Signal provider hase been ignored from my server.

Furthermore I cannot comprehend the deal GBPUSD on 18th May. The candle in my System do not show the buy-quote from the Signal provider.

Dear other subscribers: is there someone who ears profit with this Signal, which brocker do you use and how is your experience?

Anyway, I will cancel the subscribtion as it do not work for me.

ZorStu 2020.05.18 01:09 

Same here. Asked for cancellation of subscription and reimbursement within a week of copying. No resolution to this day. Contacted admin. Same. Think I’ll take my business elsewhere...

moayor 2020.05.17 10:12   

Hello I have signed up for subscribe 2 weeks but I don't have any trades . could some one help me?

Thomas19890620 2020.05.15 10:56   

Dear Signal Provider,

A few days ago I have subscribed a signal but it doesent't copied to my account (I have "zero" spread account vith these pairs: EURUSD-Z, AUDCHF-Z..., if it's matters). What should I do in this situation? It has cost me 38 USD. If I unsubscribe the signal can I have me money back proportionally?

dr2dark 2020.05.14 12:50 

Trader enters the market for a few seconds. Not worth $30 a month

THOMAS VERKEST 2020.05.14 09:03 

Hello, the signal does not work. gains make losses on my account. I don't understand.