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Sergey77777 2020.07.23 18:07 

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roque04041212 2020.06.07 18:47  (modified 2020.06.11 04:15) 

Hi i recently subscribe to your signal but could you please send us your leverage ( I think it's 1:100) and type of account please ( standart , micro , ultra low mircro, cent) thank you so much i will post my result positive or negative , good luck all 08/06 -60 usd the robot is doing the opossite selling while is up. No stop loss set /5hours later my account is almost f*cked up 09/06 almost recover but still in loss , this is a high risk , few profit signal, better entry when is in DD 10/06 at the end i'm happy up 150 usd doing the opossite what the robot do... selling high buying low 11/06 manual trading plus 200 usd thank you so much buddy !!

BRENO FERREIRA MACHADO 2020.04.15 14:34  (modified 2020.04.29 20:23) 

04/29/20 - I still have no response from the author and no operation (26 days stopped). Decreasing a star in the rating.

04/20/20 - I understand that the signal has been suspended. Send a message to the author, without any response. We have been out of operation for 17 days.

04/15/20 - The signal has no trading activity in the last 12 days. I sent a message to the author to try to understand if the signal is stopped or if it is waiting for any negotiation opportunity. No return. In the signal information by MQL5 it informs that the signal was started on 11/14/2019, but it is informed of historical performance since NOV / 2017. How is this explained?

tomasoft 2020.03.26 20:25  (modified 2020.08.27 20:11) 

Strategies that use averaging are not good for trending markets without bigger correction which we could have seen in several past weeks. Better use small positions with not that big leverage. Or use small account, where you will be ok in case of stop out. ====== update: this signal is similar (or same) to this https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/678017#!tab=account , which is based on EA from the same author ===========

CHE SEN CHAN 2020.03.18 18:39 

Yesterday subscription , out the game today ...

Alexander Molchanov
Alexander Molchanov 2020.03.05 08:03 

Sooner or later, this signal will bankrupt you.

1. This is a martingale

2. small profit for such a drawdown

3. no stoplosses

the fact that he has now come out of drawdown, just luck

FRANCESCO SAMPERI 2020.03.04 18:17 

Onestly, until the trend going to reverse you are ok...but before or after, when you will take a 600 pips trend that will destroy you like the eur/gbp is doing right now... BE CAREFULL. and then you will explain us why in 3 years of activity, on the drowdown page is reported just the last 4 months?! think about it

Habibullah Akbari
Habibullah Akbari 2020.03.03 21:04   

Lost my Account 20000€, i am out....

Zommel 2020.03.02 23:15 

I'm out - the DD is too risky for the small profit

anturia2 2020.02.29 12:32   

small profit big drawdown Im loss money this signal