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noja12 2019.10.22 17:43 

I've lost almost all my money thanks to this signal.

Andy A.
Andy A. 2019.10.18 09:51   

I am not gonna give you a star rating out of courtesy but just wanted to let you know that impulsive trading is bad. You relied on gbp for many of the trades and repeated those trades without paying any attention to the news about brexit has put you and the subscribers in a very bad situation. Please do not trade impulsively and let's hope we can get out of this hole.

Another important issue is that British banks manipulate their currency and gbp cannot be really trusted. have you read this news article: This news article says that EU has fined 5 british banks for currency manipulation. This article came out in May 2019 and I don't think currency manipulation by british banks has stopped.

Павел Гурский
Павел Гурский 2019.10.16 18:09 


yujalay 2019.10.08 10:46   

Why can't I copy the volume?

Thomas Reuschel
Thomas Reuschel 2019.10.03 10:55  (modified 2019.10.17 12:23) 

Sehr schlechtes Risikomanagement. Geld fast komplett weg. Beendet!!!!!!!!!

Balaji Teegala
Balaji Teegala 2019.09.27 14:03 

Consistent ! Respect !