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ThatKsu 2020.02.27 22:35  (modified 2020.02.27 23:07) 

Первый месяц подписки подходит к концу, могу только сказать что все замечательно.

Мой вердикт - обязательное продление подписки, очень довольна. Риски не высокие, проценты стабильные, очень общительные ребята в телеграмме. Все очень здорово. Даже следить не зачем не нужно! Супер!

gilbey123 2020.02.27 17:47 

Although this signal looks good it is very risky. No stoplosses, massive drawndowns and tiny wins. All the stats are true but it does not consider swaps so most of your profits will be eaten by that. THIS WONT MAKE YOU MONEY, BEWARE

orbourne53 2020.02.27 09:41 

SO...ive only used this for a day and definitely not happy with it..i decided to just end it... lost so much already and i realize that his ea doesnt use any stop losses or take profit so you would have 0.01 lots taking losses of like $6+ and its multiple. then also you have the ea taking sells in a clearly uptrend market which have no sells in sight.

ThomasShelby 2020.02.27 00:30  (modified 2020.02.27 00:31) 

Incredibly cool, for my long experience in the forex industry i don't see anything more stable than Bushmills. Good luck and more profit everyone!

This guy i trust so much that i can put all eggs in this basket

colanaizer 2020.02.25 22:09 

I'm subscribed not a long time, but it works good, very good. And now i totaly understand why this guy have so much positive reviews and not understanding about negative reviews.

Very good,only profit with low risk. Keep your excelent work up! Thank you

Lordpazuzu 2020.02.24 22:27 

Very good performance. Bushmills great again. Excellent entries - Excellent exits. Very stable provider. Thank you Mr. Andrey.

Morteza Zakeri
Morteza Zakeri 2020.02.24 19:51   

What Are you doing?

Every trade close with lost. I lose more than 150$ in first 7 days of subscription.

Minh Tran
Minh Tran 2020.02.24 16:45 

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moonminder 2020.02.21 20:05 

What a great day today! Good job Bushmills

I sleep well with money that operated by Bushmills

Best Regards.

blackmambalo 2020.02.20 23:11 

Very good, first day of month cover fee. thank you mate. good luck!

Don't worry dear comrades, all fine, eur rise again soon.