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moonminder 2020.02.21 20:05 

What a great day today! Good job Bushmills

I sleep well with money that operated by Bushmills

Best Regards.

blackmambalo 2020.02.20 23:11 

Very good, first day of month cover fee. thank you mate. good luck!

Don't worry dear comrades, all fine, eur rise again soon.

TOM DIRK PIRLET 2020.02.20 17:54 

After we hit EURUSD massive DD you didn't do anything to compensate that in other coins. You just leave the EUR USD open.

tradingismylife 2020.02.19 22:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

painkilleruni 2020.02.18 20:50 

Now just a little bump on a long road.

Perfect money managment

Low DD and profit few times a week.

If you looking for investing in somewhere Bushmills is your choise!

Ken30303 2020.02.18 14:50 

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John Smith
John Smith 2020.02.17 21:44 

UPDATE 2020.02.17

Most stable guy i see on mql. Andrey thank you. I increase my deposit and sure that you continue your amazing trading. Thank you.

UPDATE 2019.11.29

Subscribed to Andrey's signal from 07.08. what can i say?

Bushmills is very very very good signal.

I don't lose any cent with him. Yes last month was not good, but it was with profit at all.

I don't wasting my time to cheking how it going, only continue subscribtion and have good profit.

It don't do magik or miracles it doing stable hard work that i can trust my money.

Andrey please continue your perfect work!!!

UPDATE 2019.10.11

i want to say to Andrey a very big thanks, when other blow, we just had a little DD

Yes month was not good profit, but we not lose anything

I'm sure that andrey know what he doing and please don't listen to stupid people that writing insane shit.

People don't be so rude, Bushmills working for us and doing it perfect.

Sometimes forex making trouble to people because it unpredictable and you not lost any cent with Andrey if you have brain

Please continue your wonderful work.

UPDATE 2019.07.17

So i'm updating my review. Andrey is a big proffesional. His system awesome.

for Forex Bollinger, all trades was without sl and tp, why you subscribe if you see that?

Only Profits. Thanks a lot Andrey

2019.07.08 23:59

Just subscribed, looking good instantly orders in profit

i will update my review in some time

AlexNik125 2020.02.17 08:50   

2-ю неделю в минусе

Gabela 2020.02.17 08:46 

Счет растет и растет, да бывают просадки, но не критичные, да и как без просадок. трейдер очень стабильный (уже так долго на данном сервисе), стратегия остается прежней, все хорошо!!!

awga06 2020.02.16 21:19 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating