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Alex 2019.11.29 16:06  (modified 2019.11.29 17:24) 

Started with a small deposit and this signal so far has made me about £50 in 1 month. Signal seems fairly safe although some pairs seem a bit risky like USD/MXN. Stephan is a nice person and seems happy to answer questions.

clb130231 2019.11.13 06:17   


jleonue 2019.11.11 23:06   

Up to now, this signal is the best I found here. Hello Stephan, please, continue with a low risk.

davediksso 2019.10.22 20:18   


I have a concern

I got your signal

I see that the 0.03 volume trade you made is copied to me at 0.01 volume

so that when you do for example on the last trade

you made a profit of 5.25 euro, I made only 1.62 euro on the same trade

I do not understand, how to solve this problem?

Milan Kotes
Milan Kotes 2019.10.16 15:32 

subscribed 18.07.2019 deposit 1 000 USD

today almost 3 months later 16.10.2019 balance 1 756 USD - profit 75,6%

You have to get use to look on a bag of open positions in loss, but they are closed mostly in profit. It is a grid system with no martingale. Most of the open positions are with positive swap. It is a multicurrency, pairs like AUDCHF, GBPUSD, NZDCHF, NZDJPY, USDRUB, USDMXN. My account increases by small amounts almost every day. If the strategy remains the same and DD will not exceed dangerous percent, it will be safe moneymaker :-)

I have been subscribed to 8 signals past 3 months and this is my favourite. I dont need to control it every day because DD never went to high percentage.

Goldie64 2019.07.24 11:11   

hello Stephan

Whats your target to the TP and the SL