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Maple 2016.08.28 17:44 

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djmanosv 2016.08.25 11:59 

What is going on ??? -300 $ balance, open trades that last for long time, is this real ???

Fitri Shahminan
Fitri Shahminan 2016.08.22 21:22 


Chalermpon Chokjaroenying
Chalermpon Chokjaroenying 2016.08.20 18:27 

2 weeks with ECN account and my 350 USD

my account cant manage about this signal lot size.

it's always open 0.01 lot per positions.

so for now, im out. lol

i loss 50% and stop use it. you know i didnt blame anyone.

i still consider this is still nice one signal for long term if you have enough balance to do.

Martin Fischer
Martin Fischer 2016.08.19 08:39  (modified 2016.08.28 06:06) 

Hi all,

here is a more detailed review about this signal and some useful hints for your subscription.

This signal is using a martingale averaging system, as many other signals do.

This means, that if the market is going against your trade direction, the provider is adding

new trades until the market turns. This can lead to higher drawdowns, what is normal for these

strategies. (I use this strategy too)

The more important thing is, like the provider has already written in his description, that his account

has a contract size of 10.000 on forex symbols. But a lot of brokers do have a contract size of 100.000.

If your broker has a contract size of 100.000 you may have recognized, that your profit and loss per

trade and/or month is higher (in percent of your balance) than the profit/loss of the provider.

This can be dangerous for you, because you have a 10 times higher risk!

The highest drawdown of this signal was about 18%.

If we will get a second time a drawdown of 10 or more percent, your account can crash, if

your contract size is 100.000! Please keep this in mind!

(If you have the same leverage, account currency, balance and set to use 95% of your deposit)

You can check your contract size in the market watch window. Right click on the symbol and select

'Specifications'. A window will pop up that shows you all important information for this symbol.

A second problem - what a lot of subscriber do not know is - that if your balance is too small, the

ratio of copying martingale/averaging deals may be incorrect and that can lead to a negative profit

for you. Example:

If the provider opens 4 trades with rising lot sizes (0.2 / 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.6 lot), but on your

account all four trades have the same lot size of 0.01, you will loose money, because

the provider makes the most profit with the biggest last trade, that covers the loss of

the first three trades.

But your last trade has the same lot size like the first three trades and this trade

can not cover the loss of the first trades!

Why is your system buying four trades with the same lot size?

The terminal is trying to keep the correct risk-ratio. But if the calculated lot size is smaller than

the allowed minimum lot-size, the terminal opens an order with the minimal lot size.

A short calculation for the lowest possible balance, if you have

- the same contract size of 10.000

- the same leverage (1:200)

- the same account currency (USD)

- set to use 95% of your deposit (Signal options in the terminal)

I found the lowest lot size on the provider depot (in the last days) of 0.24 lot.

If your lowest possible lot size is 0.01, you can divide the providers balance by 24.

At the moment, the provider has a balance of about 46000 USD. So your account must have

a minimum of 46000 / 24 = 1916 USD. If your contract size is 100.000, you must have a

minimum balance of 19160 USD!

If you've a contract size of 100.000 and you've set to use 50% of your deposit, then

you must have a minimum balance of 38320 USD to get the same risk-ratio between the martingale


If your balance is too small, you can try a cent-account. In this case you can divide

the necessary balance by 100.

... and every signal can fail. No one can guarantee a 100% lifetime profit signal ...

You must decide by yourself, if and when you want to leave a signal.

I hope I could help...

PS: 5 stars for a long life system ;-)

Alan Mckeon
Alan Mckeon 2016.08.18 22:47  (modified 2016.08.22 13:09) 

The market seems to be doing the exact opposite of your trades, I only started following your trade 2 weeks ago...bad time to start I guess. just wrecked my account in one go. My fault I know but still, give us some warning before crazy trades.

nachog89 2016.08.17 14:54 

18 open possitions for over a week. Most are losing. Is everything working ok?

Orlando Gonzalez Vargas
Orlando Gonzalez Vargas 2016.08.12 16:57   

What happened with operations , this crazy opening more and more increasingly complicated operational

ganesh8586 2016.08.11 01:39   

hi i just started to use this signal....are the trade need to be close manually or?

rodrigo diago millan
rodrigo diago millan 2016.08.07 15:59