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Juan Enrique Pitarch Herrera
Juan Enrique Pitarch Herrera 2019.04.18 16:30  (modified 2019.04.18 16:32) 

I totally agree with Yasir. He has to trade like he ussually do and don't waste the time given answer to everyone.

Great trader!!!!

Napat Worawit
Napat Worawit 2019.04.15 13:35  (modified 2019.04.25 06:22) 





Adalto Fernandes Filho
Adalto Fernandes Filho 2019.04.15 01:51  (modified 2019.08.05 04:17) 

5 a 10% em perdas?

MK6FX 2019.04.13 17:25  (modified 2019.05.01 13:23) 

Good for large balance, at least 2-3k(to compensate signal+vps+ reasonable profit on balance).

his trading sounds safe and professional, He does not force himself to catch the Profit(No Gambling).

reasonable lot volumes.

it seems he is trading supp/demand Zone.

investing 3k or more to catch average 10-20% monthly on long period.(maybe one month 0 gain and another month 40%)

1 year running will prove this signal for larger balances.

till now

4 stars for safety...

i will give 5 if he can make 10% or more at the end of month...

good luck yasir.


Update: 2019.05.01

Finally +5 % with drawdown less than 2% for this month.

iam3315 2019.03.29 11:49 

nice, i love trade with stoploss~

rhusbel 2019.03.22 21:27  (modified 2019.03.22 21:30) 

Good afternoon!

I am very happy and confident with the author of this sign, it is really different, I use the batch multiplier and use risk of 0.07 / $ 1000.00, see the results of a few days in my profile.

big hug to all


Jaap 2019.03.20 23:09 

Not losing today was the best thing you did today. Many other signals failed at this.

Johann24 2019.03.11 08:30  (modified 2019.03.13 10:10) 

I was his first customer :-) I have not regretted this decision so far. Entries and exits have been well chosen so far. Good profits with a signal where you can sleep peacefully. So far full score. I hope it goes on like this. Then I like to stay with it.

--- 2019.03.13 - Many thanks also for the daily information in the news section. This will help us to better understand your actions. And it's comforting to know that someone is worried about my money.

mmk2 2019.03.08 10:41  (modified 2019.03.08 11:44) 

I'm glad to to join this amazing signal , And the first comment ether :)

This gentleman looks very professional and can make a good profit, Brilliant trader and so dedicated .

The way he trade shows that he has a very unique style of trading; knows when to join a trade and when to leaves .

I am pretty sure he will become a great trader .

Thanks for your outstanding Job and great dedication ... Regards .