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Denavrus 2019.01.03 08:57 

Are you a terrorist? -100%...

Jbennett2 2018.12.07 15:03  (modified 2018.12.12 10:58) 

The signal is okay. It does make loss trades (unsure how these are not reported) but on the whole it’s doing well. I’m up 15% in just under 3 weeks. Probably will re-subscribe. There is one trade open where the swap is growing, so will have to wait and see how it pans out.

Overall decent signal- shame the summary on MQL5 makes it look as though there are no loss trades!

Update - mega losses! Won’t be resubscribing

businessmen2 2018.12.07 11:19 

the signal has two big negative transactions who never close, its very bad for beginners who contract this signal.

Александр 2018.12.02 10:38  (modified 2018.12.09 16:29) 

Put 3 stars.

1. Losing trades 0% only because some positions are not closed. Position is open very long in the red. It does not close only in order not to show losing trades.

2. In real trading, copying a signal is losing trades. In the signal, they are positive with a minimum score. Why this happens can not say.

3. Very large slippage. Although this may only depend on my broker.

4. The real percentage of profit is not known, since it does not take into account the factual losing trades. Not fair game.

There are always losing trades !!!

Signed for a month. I will until the end of the subscription, then move on to another. There is a profit, but there are losses. Unknown real profit, it is better to go where true interest.


Fixed a score of 1. For 3, there was no loss of -17.868%. Unsubscribe from the signal. Bad very bad signal.

30 subscribers and no one leaves a comment ??? Do all the only positive deals ???

snowboywarm 2018.11.23 10:55 

Hi, should we form a telegram group?

Miteshthebhavsar Bhavsar
Miteshthebhavsar Bhavsar 2018.11.19 11:37  (modified 2018.12.04 05:52) 

this is the day of 19-11 and i have subscribed since last 3 days only. TIll now results are satisfactory . Lets hope for the best too.

its 23-11 and this signal works good. For this I have created a telegram public channel @ t.me/matmotor_cent. Any one can join here and discuss more.

Update on 29-11 , this trader is playing with the netting account. its best trick to show profitable everytime but its not. There are lots of loss trades but this trader know the loopholes of the network so you cant find the negative trade here. But in actual it happens. In my real account there are 4 - 5 negative trades but it wont shows here. Its risky to go with this. But still i am in profit so i am updating star rating from 5 to 3.

xoque 2018.11.10 16:30   

hi , any group for zap or telegram ?

futuremo 2018.11.02 09:34 

Great signal! Very good job! Thank you!

sunf08 2018.10.16 05:10 

perfect signal~!well worth the price