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  • Equity
  • Drawdown
Profit Trades:
542 (96.09%)
Loss Trades:
22 (3.90%)
Best trade:
3815.79 NZD
Worst trade:
-4213.14 NZD
Gross Profit:
65293.17 NZD (56571 pips)
Gross Loss:
-11679.32 NZD (23267 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins:
196 (26553.38 NZD)
Maximal consecutive profit:
26553.38 NZD (196)
Sharpe Ratio:
Trading activity:
Max deposit load:
Recovery Factor:
Long Trades:
135 (23.94%)
Short Trades:
429 (76.06%)
Profit Factor:
Expected Payoff:
95.06 NZD
Average Profit:
120.47 NZD
Average Loss:
-530.88 NZD
Maximum consecutive losses:
4 (-2542.21 NZD)
Maximal consecutive loss:
-5562.28 NZD (2)
Monthly growth:
Annual Forecast:
Algo trading:


Symbol Deals Sell Buy
AUDUSDpro 202
NZDUSDecn 184
GBPAUDecn 99
GBPUSDecn 32
NZDJPYecn 26
Symbol Gross Profit, USD Loss, USD Profit, USD
GBPUSDecn 5.3K
NZDJPYecn -1310
USDJPYecn 486
EURNZDecn 57
EURUSDecn -338
EURAUDecn 110
GBPJPYecn 10
GBPNZDecn 24
Symbol Gross Profit, pips Loss, pips Profit, pips
AUDUSDpro 7.7K
GBPUSDecn 1.9K
NZDJPYecn -7775
USDJPYecn 1.9K
EURNZDecn 345
EURUSDecn -1339
EURAUDecn 191
GBPJPYecn 14
GBPNZDecn 314
Best trade:
3815.79 NZD
Maximum consecutive wins:
196 (26553.38 NZD)
Maximal consecutive profit:
26553.38 NZD (196)
Worst trade:
-4213.14 NZD
Maximum consecutive losses:
4 (-2542.21 NZD)
Maximal consecutive loss:
-5562.28 NZD (2)
Drawdown by balance:
0.00 NZD
5562.28 NZD (69.05%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance:
47.67% (5562.28 NZD)
By Equity:
33.02% (3631.16 NZD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

No data
No data

Place your cursor over parameters/graph captions to see the best and worst trading series. Find out more about MAE and MFE distributions in the article Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results.

The average slippage based on execution statistics on real accounts of various brokers is specified in pips. It depends on the difference between the provider's quotes from "HalifaxPro-Live" and the subscriber's quotes, as well as on order execution delays. Lower values mean better quality of copying.

0.00 × 2
0.00 × 2
0.67 × 3
0.82 × 50
1.00 × 2
1.13 × 15
1.22 × 82
1.27 × 11
1.27 × 11
1.33 × 3
1.36 × 22
1.41 × 82
1.66 × 29
2.00 × 1
2.10 × 20
2.13 × 8
2.20 × 15
2.33 × 6
2.57 × 7
2.59 × 64
FXOpen-ECN Live Server
2.72 × 68
2.78 × 131
OANDA-v20 Live
3.00 × 2
TrioMarkets-Live Server
3.89 × 28
ForexClub-MT4 Market Real Server
3.93 × 29
19 more...
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  • Expected yield 5 to 10% per month (risk management practices followed strictly)
  • Max drawdown of 25% from High Water Mark   (was 44% on one occasion early in my account's history when I had no investors)
  • Max Exposure of 1 lot per $10,000 balance.
  • Drawdown countermeasures implemented once overall drawdown reaches 7%
  • My best suggestion is to follow my trade system with at least $1500 and if you are a US resident, Tallinex and LMFX has proven most accurate. Globally, ICMarkets and Pepperstone are best at trade execution.
  • One clever way to test a signal's value is to: buy it, establish a relationship with me and my staff, and test it out first with demo! 
  • This system will be listed with SimpleTrader, FXStat, SignalStart, FXBlue, and Mt Cook PAMM Fund.
  • It is currently ranked #30 here at MQL5
  • The real profit is when you withdraw your money from the account. Take profits regularly.

Scalping using MACD, RSI, Stochastic and Ichimoku indicators (2 for Mean Reversion and 2 for Trend Following entries/exits) 

Price action studies and knowledge about market behavior of institutional order flow in each session, market maker strategies, momentum, and volume.

The aforementioned combined with basic concepts such as support, resistance, candlestick patterns, and Elliott Wave provide a basis to receive multiple confirmations regarding the timing of trades.

Risk Management implements scale-in and scale-out positions when I target a Swing Trade (medium term time horizon) opportunity.

I am a trained Maths and Computer Design teacher, personal trainer, and holistic life coach. I have traded forex for 11 years part time and for 3 years full time.  I have four kids, and 100% of my income comes from trading. 

  • Trade Copying provider
  • Private PAMM fund manager
  • FX Trading Coach.

Having done extensive training in quantitative modeling and predictive statistics, I have an eye for accuracy and precision.
I have studied and taught high levels of Mathematics in my journey of honing my trading edge.

How to Copy a Signal and Subscribe

How to Set up Trade Copier

Learn how the volumes are copied  

Average rating:
2018.02.01 10:29  (modified 2018.02.06 03:54)   

先生 你交易量太少了,还要39美金呢 利润不及订阅费

2017.12.12 20:48 

Profit is less than subscriptions.

Nikolay Egorov
2017.12.08 06:50 

4й месяц топчется на месте этот "профи". Живет на подписчиках. Снижай стоимость и начинай зарабатывать!

Therese Woolnough
2017.12.07 21:41   

Talk is cheap. Profit is less than subscriptions

Chi Man Wong
2017.11.13 01:14  (modified 2017.12.29 12:49) 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nicolas Acevedo
2017.11.06 04:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

David Okika
2017.10.02 08:36   

bro i subscribed with the wrong trading account will i be able to change it plz

2017.09.20 20:24  (modified 2017.09.21 17:50)   

not sure where is this going yet

2017.09.20 18:22   

I would appreciate an update also. Above the stated maximum drawdown, and with high impact NZ and JP data in the next 12 hours (plus NZ election at the weekend), would like to know current risk control.

2017.09.19 17:35   

Please indicate your plans. Draw down is close to 30%!

Ali Najafi
2017.09.16 08:43   

I think the provider has to communicate with the subscribers. The account is already in 20 drawdown. What is your plan if it reaches your threshold which is 30 percent? Please let us know in advance if you are going to close all open positions in loss or you will add extra deposit. Thanks

2017.06.28 00:27  (modified 2017.08.27 02:21) 

Balance on the master account is really high (34k USD), with $1000 slave account balance only 0.02 lots will be traded, Jun profit is around US$7300 so far on the master account and with 1/34 (for $1000 slave account) it translates to $214 of profit or 21%. May was US$13700 and Apr was US$5100 in profits. Request provider to reset the balances to lower levels in order to generate good returns.

05/08 Tough times in July, did not make nearly as much as the past, on my $1000 account I just made about $100, of which I paid a large part toward the monthly fees! Sticking with the signal for now as some of the old NZDUSD short positions are in draw down and waiting to exit them.

13/08 NZD saw a good fall and the author exited all the old draw down positions in profit after patiently waiting for a long time. He is a professional and hope this month is better.

27/08 Returns are similar to last month. Author has reduced the equity on the master account now. Need to see how it goes in the next months.

Osman Celik
2017.06.12 17:10   

I think, It is good one.

2018.02.15 15:42 2018.02.15 15:42:53 

These last few months my Trading Strategy has experienced the final most fierce challenge for its first year. This forex industry is so very exciting, interesting, but also dog-eat-dog at times. FX is great, you get so many life lessons.

We work hard to study, to execute, to hold to our premeditated plans, and to keep our lives properly balanced. My hope is that I can be the type of fund manager that brings more light, more openness, and more honesty to a space that is many times described as being filled with strife, dishonesty, and heart-break.


To celebrate the Outside the Box Strategy One Year anniversary I bring two notices of good news.

1..... #1 Ranking on PsyQuation!/home/leaderboard

A Unique Platform for Identifying & Developing Trading Talent

2...... Approaching High Water Mark, 10 of 12 months positive profit, and the following Trading Performance

Absolute Gain: +227.08%

Profit Trades: 96.1%

Profit Factor: 5.59

Recovery Factor: 9.63

Sharpe Ratio: 0.78

Calmar Ratio: 5.14

Sortino Ratio: 0.26

Omega Ratio: 2.05

2018.02.07 15:56
Removed warning: No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the recent period
2018.02.07 13:42
No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days
2018.01.21 10:54 2018.01.21 10:54:52 

Outside the Box signal

Due to market demand I am now offering this signal at half price.

For the next 3 months, at MQL5, for this audience and this trade copying provider, I will offer my signal at a vastly reduced price.

I will review performance again at the end of April and decide whether the monthly subscription price should be adjusted.

I am a full time money manager for a PAMM fund, but I see that since the signal has yielded 5.25% in the last 3 months, a price of $69 per month is unwarranted.

Please know that my goal of 5 to 10% monthly return still stands, and I will work tirelessly to achieve this once again, as I have done in numerous months previously.

2018.01.10 09:11
Removed warning: No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the recent period
2018.01.09 21:38
No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days
2017.12.30 13:02 2017.12.30 13:02:46 

Month End Report

The months of drawdown are always tough ones to address but this is the life of funds, traders, and investments.

December saw an immediate drawdown which I recovered from nicely all month until the last couple days.

Month end and year end flow made for a one-sided market (attributed to institutional flows in an environment of low liquidity) that did not exhibit normal sinusoidal price movements and we also experienced a weekly timeframe price extension. I had a mental stop loss set of .7124 as that was a technical area of R3 on the weekly, former major support turned resistance, and level of trendline channel resistance.

Another drawdown countermeasure / tactic that I have been utilising with excellent success (to limit losses) has been hedging 3 positions over the last month. Upon further reflection and after seeking to limit exposure before the month end long weekend, I realise I should have waited for the current candle to close above .7124 resistance, and we would have been back into profit on one position and nearly half way back to profit on the second position.

In months past, I would have let this drawdown extension ride, given my chosen "mean reversion" strategy.

But now with 140 clients it is no small responsibility, to assure as many investors as possible that exposure and risk are managed within certain palatable limits. And to act in a disciplined manor at levels around 5 to 7% drawdown.

The biggest lesson I have learnt from this price extension is that I needed to scrutinise the technical analysis (inverted head and shoulders price calculation and a "candlestick wick" right slightly above major resistance) just a bit more "flexibly" and wait for 5 min or 15 min candlestick close for confirmation before I close.

Now (after healthy price correction) you can see that my strategy does indeed work. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I take the losses with reservation, but they do come.

In the last 3 months my equity is up 14.3%.

In the last 1 month my equity is down 7.9%.

In the last year my equity is up 226.5% (real gains).

See most complete statistical breakdown of my fund's performance here:

I am 100% full time and committed to recovery and further gains in Q1 and the new year.

The best fund managers conserve capital during a loss so that they may come back another day to trade with the best base and ability to recover and achieve new equity highs. I have learned that 10% drawdowns are 4x more difficult to recover from (which I have done 4 times over the past year) so this is mostly why I chose to cut losses before the uncertainty of the month end locked us in -- with possible gap opens to price in the new year, new month, and new week.

I am willing to answer any more questions, and I would like to retain my clients and subscribers so that I can keep doing what I am doing, learning from constantly changing circumstance, and overcoming the curve balls that the market is so good at throwing.

In the new year my main goal is:

--- work on Risk Management tactics, calibrating entry levels, and allowing winning trades to extend their gains before taking profit too soon.

2017.12.21 08:29 2017.12.21 08:29:42 

Dear investors,

I can certainly tell you I (as a trader and father of four) have learnt some more gratitude and hard work ethic this year.

Please take a little bit of time to reflect on spiritual peace and acceptance this holiday season. We all must work hard during the year, as I currently am still doing - even while travelling, 6 days a week.

Outside the Box now has a positive track record of 1 year, so far 10 months of gains and 1 month of loss. If you take the perspective of 3 to 6 months this kind of signal should make you more than enough profits to warrant subscription and continuing a subscription.

May you all embrace truth, speak truth in love, and believe in what you can achieve in the new year. May God bless you during these grandest holidays.

2017.12.08 08:53 2017.12.08 08:53:39 

My plan is to re-enter the AUDUSD basket once the market confirms a bottom on the daily and weekly timeframes and we will recover with that mean reversion after Non Farm Payrolls report Friday and also a bit of EURAUD scalping mixed in

2017.12.08 08:42 2017.12.08 08:42:33 

I have received many messages so again I will write here to assure you that I continue with the same strategy that accomplished the gains so far.

All the negative and harsh feedback does not accomplish a good end. So please be confident that drawdowns are a normal part of trading and also have been factored into my Trade Strategy, Risk Management, Probability, Profit factor, Risk/Reward, and Risk % of each trade and basket of trades.

As I have said in the past when I have had a loss, these times come, and I continue to study about when and how my losses occur.

This is the nature of trading and the professional approach to take.

The AUDUSD pair had abnormal features and factors at the time I traded, and I am re-assessing how to avoid that environment in the future and how to mitigate risks. I talked to a London trader and he told me that many market players were using trailing stop losses on the AUDUSD, and any xxxUSD pair, in the 4 days leading up to Non Farm Payrolls report released on Friday USA time. This affected the natural rhythm of the patterns that normally occur, and I decided to cut the risk before it worsened heading into a risk event like NFP.

I have recovered from 20% and 30% before. This time it is 9% which shows that I am growing in my management to not accept such large losses.

I of course will employ the same grit, analysis, hard work, and commitment to recover this time as I have done 3 or 4 times just this year.

Please be attentive to the overall curve, and how it is unproductive to jump on my case when it was not intended and I was only trading the same plan I have traded up to this point and that I have communicated from the start on my signal and Fund descriptions.

If you have any other comments or questions, I'd be happy to explain.

2017.11.26 04:51 2017.11.26 04:51:43 

Over 3% this past week.

4.5% for the month.

Continuing to recover from all types of drawdowns.

Here's a complete list of all the information I have made available about my life and my work as an "outside the box" Forex Trader, Fund Manager, and Trade Copying Provider. See the full comprehensive update at Donna Forex:

2017.11.15 12:18 2017.11.15 12:18:14 

Ok terrible day for Outside the Box. Prices moved way too fast. A lot of off balance sentiment towards USD

I know we'll have a lot of explaining to do but I am trying to limit the damage the best I know how.

4H timeframe killed me. I will recover as I have done in the past. Just let me know if you need a more in depth explanation for clients and I will give one. I am still in the thick of it. about -12%

So not as deep as other DD's

All I can say is the environment was not suited to my strategy and I got the analysis wrong. And I will work methodically to recover damages.

2017.11.05 11:23 2017.11.05 11:23:28 

HotForex will be launching Social Trading (unique blend of Trade Copying and Fund Management) in the next 2 weeks sometime. There are other brokerages that have experienced wild success with this type of Trade Following.


Here is a basic description of what it will be like:

Connect with other traders

Share strategies and discuss breaking news

Identify more trading opportunities

Analyse the performance of other traders

Follow the traders that are of greatest interest

Copy the most successful manual and algorithmic traders

Build a portfolio of winning strategies and copy trades automatically

React to market changes on-the-go on iOS or Android mobile devices

Diversify their investments thus reducing their risk

Forex4You already has this type of Leader/Follower set up and running, and they charge followers commissions and give Leaders a part of that commission. They allow Leaders and Followers to communicate, participate in the community, see statistics of Leaders, and have rankings that are linked to statistics.

HotForex's style of Social Trading will involve a blend of subscription fees and monthly performance fees, offering both investor and manager some control of risk, stop losses, take profits, and manual control. I will update you once their new program is launched. I received a marketing phone call this weekend from HotForex as they want to inform professional FX traders first, so we can serve as quality Leaders in this new program once it is started

2017.11.01 04:07 2017.11.01 04:07:39 

We're in it together. When you win I win. When I win you win.

October saw our trade system recover 90% of losses from September.

I've acquired more learning and skill regarding recoveries and the patience, skill, and techniques to employ.

Targeting 10 to 15% return in November.

2017.10.25 03:10 2017.10.25 03:10:47 


Changes only affect those with significant capital following this signal.

A summary of slight changes to Max Funds / Future Signal Pricing fluctuations:

Accounts over $50,000 may use MQL5 signal -- price may increase on MQL5 in November or December

Accounts under $50,000 may use SimpleTrader -- FIXED PRICE --- those who want to stay on Trade Copying and not switch to PAMM Fund Management at Mt Cook Financial

Accounts under $50,000 may also use MQL5 / SignalStart --- but price may gradually increase --- as these Trade Copying Signals will NOT have restriction of Maximum Cap on Funds allowed to follow the signal -- and this means that investors can profit 10 to 15% monthly with significant amount of funds and pay a monthly subscription fee instead of profit sharing thru performance fee.

The final trade in the NZD basket has now been closed in profit! This basket was open for an unusually long duration, lessons have been learned, skills gained, and not too much damage has been done, nearing all time highs in equity again. Basically I need to limit duration of positions longer than 20 days or more than 130 pips in Drawdown. That's what the data says.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the maximum funds cap has now been set at $75,000 that can follow this trade system. Once we surpass High Water Mark in Equity this max cap will be lowered to $50,000. The gains that one investor can make (with quite low risk) using $25000 to $50000 on this trade copying signal are substantial.

Funds greater than the Max Cap can be put into second account with Trade Copying (or higher signal price at MQL5/SignalStart)

OR invested under my PAMM funds that I manage at Mt Cook Financial which have no maximum investment and a tiered performance fee framework.

End of year and 2018 bring many new changes to my personal life, and you can follow some of my personal journey seeking a simple, sustainable, off-the-grid, digital nomad at the social links below.

Let me know if you have other questions or concerns. Prices for signals have not increased yet. I want to surpass equity highs first.

2017.10.18 03:52 2017.10.18 03:52:15 

Note the recent recovery my signal has made in just the past 3 weeks. I have recovered 70% of the losses in the space of 3 weeks.

This is what has happened in March and June 2017 using my trade strategy, and this is what I have told subscribers / investors, as they should not be overcome with "risk averse negative emotion" during a period of DD. I have lost 45 subscribers in the past 20 days, and these traders now have not been able to recuperate their losses using this trade system that has a Recovery Factor of 9.5 --- which is a very high rating in this indicator relative to other trade systems ranked here on MQL5 and those listed at other trade copying websites where I also offer trade copying and PAMM fund investments.

2017.10.08 04:04 2017.10.08 04:04:56 

Hello and a good weekend to you. Regarding MAX Drawdown........

Pls understand professional traders require targets / lines in the sand that are not precise and angular, at least that is what my strategy demands. I take a much more "holistic" and "multi-dimensional" view of the current price action and market environment when I enter a period of DD.

As you can see in the most recent DD period, I hit max of 31% DD, when I had said 30% on many forums. I now greatly LAMENT that I cut that core position, because that was the PAIN POINT that the banks, brokers, and institutions were aiming for. Then the monthly resistance and trendlines were hit. If I were trading for myself, I would not have exited that trade, and I would have been smartly rewarded for not doing it. You can see 82.65 we got stopped out. And now, just 2 weeks later, mean reversion has kicked in, momentum is now heading for daily and weekly support, and price is at 79.80, and we sit at only 2% DD. Those who set Risk Multiplier too high and then got stopped out may have lost 60%. This is unwise and wreckless. I must be the one who has sole control over Risk Management, whereas if you set Risk Mutliplier and/or set individual trades of your own, set stop loss or take profit in your MT4 account, then the responsibility now rests back on your shoulders to manage your positions.

I aim for 20% DD "softly" and will trade accordingly to protect that limit, but I do not set it as a STRICT limit.

I have my own investment account Risk Multiplier following my trade strategy set at 1.1x and I allow subs and clients to set theirs at their own risk. This is always in the control of the individual client as is the Rescue Level

I am gradually recommending clients/subs to follow my trade strategy with equity of $5000 minimum so that they can capture Nominal returns that are significant enough to add value to your daily lives

Compounding gains over 6 months to 1 year is always the strategy I recommend for my clients, and to limit negative emotion during periods of temporary DD. This is my business plan and trade plan, and I have followed it quite rigorously for the intended goal of attracting capital invested thru signals AND PAMM funds, and then eventually encouraging investors to take a good look at sticking with my money management journey either thru Trade Copying at SimpleTrader under $50,000 equity or for equity invested over that amount, eventually to switch to one of the PAMM funds. I will keep both active, but I am cautioned by many knowledgeable professionals to guard my trade system against those who might use it for purposes that I do not control or can be aware of

2017.09.30 14:08 2017.09.30 14:08:43 

Happy weekend to all!

As this month we got caught in our first down month, I have lowered the signal price to the $69 base.

Of course, I am confident that thru my continued hard work we will recover yet again from this current DD, and regain new highs, and I again have learned from this period of xxxjpy trades.

Pls trust me that I am confident now that October will take us back up to the equity highs.

2017.09.20 20:29
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2017.09.20 16:19
High current drawdown in 31% indicates the absence of risk limitation
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