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samabuhamam abuhaam
samabuhamam abuhaam 2019.12.16 20:58 

he is really Super signal

Radko Pašek
Radko Pašek 2019.12.11 12:50   

Bohuže nechodí jak má, zbytečné ztráty a na kontakt žádná odpověď. Nikdo nereaguje. Vyhozené peníze.

Ahn Beom Hun
Ahn Beom Hun 2019.12.02 07:54 

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mwjunaid 2019.11.26 02:10 

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ziroxin 2019.11.19 07:16  (modified 2019.11.20 02:05) 

2019.11.19 0:01 , those two trades , it's a Black Swan.

i think it's not offen happen.

I subscribed to this signals about 3 weeks. It's very good.

The point i trust Anvar Gadadov the most is his risks control.

Continue to move!

Good luck, all of us!

Hossein Salehi
Hossein Salehi 2019.11.12 04:25 

-4 % loss for 7 trades , price not the same of signal provider , you pay big for swapp

ruobing qianqian
ruobing qianqian 2019.11.12 01:36   

The signal slip point is very serious, the follower can not profit at all, stable loss state

Leonid Kichigin
Leonid Kichigin 2019.11.07 02:33 

Хороший ночной сигнал, но подбирайте брокера с низким спрэдом, мой брокер жадный поэтому я отписался чз неделю подписки, убыточно с моим брокером.

Budi Firmandra
Budi Firmandra 2019.11.02 07:38 

lan ciau

Shamshad Ali
Shamshad Ali 2019.10.22 23:45   

Is there any way to contact you, your history shows 3 trades were made on 22.10.2019 but i got only 2 signal. On top of that your history shows all 3 trades made profit while i had one win ad one loss. Please look into this.