This signal is using averaging strategy which mean can blow up your account,but it have filter that i have test in the past 15 years that the probability to blown all the money is 1:99 or which mean only 1% probability. So i can claim this signal safe whenever using averaging strategy.

Use broker not more that 3 pips (30 point ) in spread or commision for AUD/USD. Only trade on AUD/USD

To start trading you must start with minimal 3000 $ or 30$ (cent account) and for the first lot you must divide your balance with 30000 (4 digit broker) and 300000 (5 digit broker) which mean 3000$ balance for 0.01 lot. If you break the rules, i can guarantee this signal will blown your account
Because its averaging strategy,the drawdown is possible to 50-70 %


1.will always give you profit more than inflation  and bank interest rates (US). The estimated month profit about 3-10% and the annual profit is 50-100%

2. My signal doesnt use scalping strategy,and not broker sensitive so you can use any broker

3. If youre concervative trader and want to have stabile income every month so this is your answer

4. wont make you rich overnight 

  • Growth
  • Equity
  • Balance
  • Risks
  • Distribution
  • Slippage
  • Reviews
Trades: 109
Profit Trades: 77 (70.64%)
Loss Trades: 32 (29.36%)
Best trade: 425.60 USD
Worst trade: -96.00 USD
Gross Profit: 3397.48 USD (20737 pips)
Gross Loss: -1306.76 USD (16884 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 15 (520.80 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 520.80 USD (15)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.27
Trading activity: 60.29%
Max deposit load: 16.41%
Recovery Factor: 5.21
Long Trades: 49 (44.95%)
Short Trades: 60 (55.05%)
Profit Factor: 2.60
Expected Payoff: 19.18 USD
Average Profit: 44.12 USD
Average Loss: -40.84 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 6 (-171.68 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -294.00 USD (5)
Monthly growth: 17.29%
Annual Forecast: 209.79%
Best trade: 425.60 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 15 (520.80 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 520.80 USD (15)
Worst trade: -96.00 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 6 (-171.68 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -294.00 USD (5)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 0.00 USD
Maximal: 401.66 USD (1.76%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 35.65% (294.00 USD)
By Equity: 31.59% (260.52 USD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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Place your cursor over parameters/graph captions to see the best and worst trading series. Find out more about MAE and MFE distributions in the article Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results.

Symbol Deals Sell Buy

The average slippage based on execution statistics on real accounts of various brokers is specified in pips. It depends on the difference between the provider's quotes from "FBS-Real-1" and the subscriber's quotes, as well as on order execution delays. Lower values mean better quality of copying.

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