Hello dear traders ,

my name is Damyan , and iam active trader since 3 years .For that period i was  trying allot things that i was thinking will made my  trading proffitable , stable and grow my capital .Unfotunately in 2 years  that was not happened , i lost a lot of my savings ,and at the end i was thinking to quit forex trading , and do something else .

I was subscribing a lot of signals here , all with good history , stable montly income , low risk , looking fantastic , and always in the end they have lost my money.

More than 10 subscriptions ,at top rated traders here have made my only one think -Loses ,Loses and again loses .

One day after the second year of losses , i decide to start trade allone , without any guru's , with trading stile which suits to my character , my maniers , and my understanding of proffit .

I was create a EA which help me in my way of trading .By this EA , and my monitoring and manual desigions ,my 3-rd year of trading has recovered all my losses , and gived me stable profit every day till now .

Its very important , every person who thinks to subscribe my signal ,to be aware that risk is a risk , and my main target is to preserve the capital .Other main think here is that losses are part of the trading , sometimes they happened .

What are my targets :Day trading ;Stable profit every day ;Daily  income between 15-50 USD ;Maximum low risk ;Maximum drowdown 40 % at Happy FX and 10 % at Ultra signal .

Other very important thing is that i trade with real money , i need this money and will do maximum not to loose them !

This signal is dedicated to the person , which was always behind me , and always encourage me to make my dream come true.I love you,  you will be always in my heart,i know you watching me !

Target 50 - 100 % per month !

Min Balance  - 500 USD .

Liverage 1-400 .

Daily income - 15-55 USD

Max DD 60 % , after that i will add another 50 % in the account .

Withdraw at the end of the month .  

Do not trade with money that you cant afford to loose .

High Profit - High Risk .

For questions please send me PM .

Good luck ! 

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Trades: 5520
Profit Trades: 3919 (70.99%)
Loss Trades: 1601 (29.00%)
Best trade: 250.00 USD
Worst trade: -352.65 USD
Gross Profit: 7516.28 USD (185256 pips)
Gross Loss: -4279.77 USD (157244 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 32 (16.63 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 397.80 USD (2)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.06
Trading activity: 44.06%
Max deposit load: 209.29%
Recovery Factor: 5.22
Long Trades: 160 (2.90%)
Short Trades: 5360 (97.10%)
Profit Factor: 1.76
Expected Payoff: 0.59 USD
Average Profit: 1.92 USD
Average Loss: -2.67 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 13 (-65.47 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -620.32 USD (10)
Monthly growth: 27.59%
Annual Forecast: 334.76%
Best trade: 250.00 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 32 (16.63 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 397.80 USD (2)
Worst trade: -352.65 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 13 (-65.47 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -620.32 USD (10)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 5.13 USD
Maximal: 620.32 USD (22.98%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 40.92% (308.30 USD)
By Equity: 65.56% (181.21 USD)

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2017.04.25 03:43   

Hi Damyan,You are very careful and talented person, believe you,come on!

2017.04.21 01:32   

Hi, Why do you have don't subscribe at the top?

2017.04.04 13:53 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.04.04 08:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Long Chen
2017.01.30 20:05   


2016.11.21 14:15 

Perfect signal !!!

2016.11.15 13:19 

Stable 10 to 30 usd daily income , low DD , disciplined trader !

2017.04.28 16:01 2017.04.28 16:01:43 

Today's trading report :

In two words "Bad end of one bad month" !

Today's range 0857-0947 almost 100 pips .Spike surpiced me , didnt expect it . We were on this train all the way up unfortunally .

When price reached 1.0910 the upside channel was open . My new target was just one - to save our accounts ,and go out from this trades as soon as possible .Few hedjes was made , we didnt get supported by the US news , and i decide to use the poolback , for cloasing the trades in little loss , instead of playing in casino , because that is what it is when do not have clear marker what will happened . I dont like the question "will it be red or black" , i play safe and this is the main reason to be still here more than 12 months .

Anyway the price reached my TP 15 min later , but this dosnt make me feel bad . I am fealing bad of something else . This market is very very unstable in last month , and i dont know how long will be like this .

However i will keep fighting , will see who will wins .

At the end i want to turn to Vanderlei , Aaron , Wiekey ,Hoodman and other subscribers - Sorry for the unpleasant situation in which you were , because of my decisions . I hope to succeed to make you more happy and richer soon .

2017.04.28 15:00 2017.04.28 15:00:17 

Hello ,

i preffered to choose the "small devil" , and cloased in little daily loss .Safety first ,thats all for this unpleasant month ,later will write detailed statement about today's and the montly trading ,but now will drink a beer first ....

2017.04.28 09:11 2017.04.28 09:11:18 

Good morning friends ,

yesterday there was a lot of data , statements and others factors that mouved the markets .At the end og the day eur was down almost 100 pips for the day . The main reason for that was the dovish statement from Draghi , who said with two words that situation is same as before /its same but euro is 350 pips up this month ;)/ . The US data was mixed , and by this reason thing has gone as it should .The price has moved in the ranges wich i expect and write in my yesterday's morning comment . We made some good profit , also we were out when gaps created some panik of the markets . Everything was working exactly as i wish .

Today there is a lot of data from EU and US . Will try to trade non stop till the US sesion , and depend of the situation will cloase the trades little before , or little after 14.00 GMT . It's friday and i dont wont to have open positions over the weekend .

Hope that today trades will be fine , i expect attack from the bulls btw , and we will end this month , which i hate a little .

2017.04.27 14:03 2017.04.27 14:03:22 

Trades will be open after 15.00 GMT...

2017.04.27 13:00 2017.04.27 13:00:34 

Hello ,

i dont expect that ECB will change the rates ,so i will stay in for this news .Will set some hedjes for just in case .

2017.04.27 07:58 2017.04.27 07:58:39 

Good Morning Friends ,

yesterday the markets was a little at pressure . The reason for that was the Trump's and tresury secretar's statemants about the new Tax's reforms . Statements was positive about that , but the markets reaction was again very strange . A lot of people has decided that if tax reform proceed , this will be good for the USD ....and the market has support them ,but the support was only till before the statement .As i write yesterday morning , if the price goes under 1.0870 i will be very carefull for an upside gaps , and thats exactly what happened after the news .The price range yesterday was 100 pips down , and then fast 65 pips up /for 10 minutes / .When this upside gap happened , i was happy that our trades are off , and my view was correct ,but let us think what coused this gap ,and why its happened after the fundamental possitive news for USD - the answer again is "fishing"and "market manipulation " .My strategy yesterdays was based exactly on that , based at the same markets movements since last 3 weeks - when technikal and fundamentaly something should happened ,in reality happened the opossite :)However we didnt win much money yesterday , but we are saved from a lot of unpleasant situations .

Today my view is the same as yesterdays , i expect the price will move in range between 1.0950 and 1.0860 . We have a statement from Draghi and i will try not to trade then , and will be the same for the pending home sales news .

Wish you good luck !

2017.04.26 14:22 2017.04.26 14:22:22 

Ok friends , the price now is almost 0.40 % down , and i preffer to play safe , will wait us sesion to begin , or for retracement .

2017.04.26 09:37 2017.04.26 09:37:50 

Today high volatility expected when treasury secretar speeks / 18.00 GMT/ .He will anounce Trumps taxs reform will be or not !Will try to stay out ,and just watch the show .If there are limited trades on US sesion ,will be only by security reasons .

2017.04.26 08:38 2017.04.26 08:38:23 

Good morning friends !

Yesterday was again very interesting day .I am amazed how the price reached current levels without any significant news or factors .Many traders have long euro , but when we ask them whats the reason to buy they answer is "because is growing" ,when i ask why is growing ,they answer is "dont know " .For me this is more like gambling in casino , and where if you have 5 condicted wins , you believe that the sixt will be winner too , but the casino awlays win at the end . However ...i thing that euro is growing because of the post elections euphoria in France . It's growing like a bubble ,and its matter of time this bubble to exploude . But when we living in a jungle whe should be ready for a jungle rules .

I am prepared for the both scenarios ,will try to increase the profits , and protect the capital .If goes to 1.12 ok , let it go , we will survive this . Hope that you are ok .

Todays trading strategy will be the same as yestrdays ,but if price goes under 1.0870 i will be very carefull for strong upside gapps.

Wish you good luck !

2017.04.25 08:38 2017.04.25 08:38:01 

Good Morning Friends ,

yesterday i openen the trades few hours after the London sesion , when i was calm that market is in normal shape .

We've made some profit , about 3 % profit , and there were no unpleasant situations . Mi views are that today will be the same or even better . I will try to cloase the trades before US news ,and open it after that .Also today we have UK news , but i think that in this level of eur/usd there will be no high impact on this pair . On the asian sesion we have low JPY ,which will help to are shorts .

Also there are positive moods in the indexes , which will help to the USD . The new tax reform in states will proceed .

If there is no something major dont believe , that price will goes above 1.09.

Thats all for now ,wish you good luck !

P.S. Thanks for the nice words from Wiekey in rewiews section ,your support is important to me , and i will do my best !

2017.04.24 08:25 2017.04.24 08:25:41 

Good Morning to all ,

guess now everybody understand why i cloased the trades in friday , will wait London to open and deside when to start trading.

Wish you good Luck !

2017.04.21 14:16 2017.04.21 14:16:24 

Weekly Analisys :

Monday - happy easter day , low trading activity on the markets , i decide to start trading with the american sesion .The market is slow but we grab few pips profit , it was ok .

Tuesday - normal trading day till lunch time - the europens go back to work , market seems to be normal , not expected high vollatility ,no major news , market is ranging . In the afternoon spike of 40 pips happened without explanation , after that Trump speaks how he dosnt want strong dollar .All US indexes down , USD down , gold UP , and for desert OIL down .The spike now is around 85 pips , our account is - 25 % . At hourly chart there are 13 bullish candles in a row without retracement . We need 15 pips retracement to go out of any situation ,but that was not happened . Seeing where things goеs, I decided to limit the opening of new positions because after such movements the market became unpredictable . Sometimes the best move is to do nothing , and i deside to stay and see where this will go ,and which strategy will use . DD in this time was about 40 % .

Wednesday - there were two options for these day , price should test the new support zone , and goes up or down in connection of market conditions . Unfortunatly the bulls was so exited , and the US indexes was so red , and the bad thing happened - new spike from 1.0709 to 1.0750 - 40 pips . I was prepared for this spike , and was ready to hedj , and that what i do is . DD was about 60 % , but with hadjing the situation was saved .

Thursday -same situation same DD , i was prepared for the new upside movement ,but my technical analiys showed that if price goes above 1.0770 there will be 70 % chance to retrace under 1.08 . In connetion of that i warned you that if this happened , i will be forced to increase the ballance of the account , which movement would decriase the size of your deals , and close your trades

partially .And then Oil collapsed again .Spike happened , price reached 1.0780 than down , then up again . In the evening i saw that dobble top was formed , i put one small sell from the top , and by this sell i reduse our short exposition with 5 % .

Friday - the most important day .My desigion was the cut this deals no matter of the result ,because of the france elections , and mondays super vollatile trading expected .We ware not in position to risk the account .Hopefully the US indexes was in green , Dax was red , and the USD was a little stable . When the price fall bellow 1.0695 i decide to cloase the trades in small loss ,and to accepted this loss , instead to risk much more .

In all these days , the trading was planned , and there were no emotional desigions .

I am satisfied of the trading , but not satisfied of the result .

Will keep follow my strategy in future .

Hope that the losses soon will be erased .Will not rush the trades , everithing will go normal as always .

Start trading at Monday when market is calm .

If you have questions please send me PM .

Wish you all good luck !

2017.04.21 13:28 2017.04.21 13:28:31 

Hello Friends ,

first i want to apologize for the situation ,which now is in the past !I am aware that responsibility is entirely mine аnd I do not intend to complain with the market, manipulations, and so on......The undisputed fact is that we all lost money, someone more, someone less , аnd this is due to the decisions I made during the last 4 days.From what I have been prompted by my desigions will explain a little further , but please appreciate and rethink whether you will use my signal , whether it's right for you, your trading style, risk management, and whether it fits to your understanding /idea/ of ​​forex .

After a while I will write a detailed analysis, but if I have to describe the past few days in one sentence, it will sound like that "It was difficult, unpleasant, but it was not something that surprised me, which I did not expect ,

I am convinced that there will be similar moments in the future and that I will deal with them again . In Forex survives only those who can accept their losses, follow their plan, and apply strictly money managment .

Next will be the analysis ...

2017.04.21 08:43 2017.04.21 08:43:10 

For those people who has disable the signal - if price goes above 1.0775 will be good idea to turn it on ,and take profits on 1.0740-30

2017.04.21 08:40 2017.04.21 08:40:43 

Good Morning , the plan for the today is the follow:

If price goes above 1.0750 will add 0.10 lot for sale .If goes above 1.0770 will add more 0.20 lot for sale . If moved down will try to cloase on break even .If moved strong down will try to take some profit . If goes above 1.08 will close 50 % of all open trades and will ad more 0.10 for sale. Hope today we go out from this mess .Wish you good luck !

2017.04.20 08:31 2017.04.20 08:31:54 

Hello friends , first i want to say sorry about the curent situation .

Most important now is that we are in control .There are few options from now .

First option is to close the trades in break even if price go down .Second option is to keep hedjing and waiting for retracement /in which i believe and its a matter of time / . If price goes above 1.0745 i will add more funds.This will reduse the lot size of your deals/if you dont wont that switch the signal off/,after that will wait for strong resistence and will sell again .

I will try to go out from this till friday GMT 14.00 ,dont want to have open trades when are elections in France .

2017.04.18 21:36 2017.04.18 21:36:01 

today we have 13 bullish candles in a row , without any significant news , without any technical explanation , without nothing...... , i will be waiting for retracement after all , maybe will try to close at -100 ...sorry friends

2017.04.18 20:31 2017.04.18 20:31:14 

if croses 1.07350 i will add 500 usd to the account ....

2017.04.18 20:10 2017.04.18 20:10:34 

situation is ugly , suggest all who is scared to switch off the signal and close with 10 % montly loss , i will try some more time to go out from this trap , but there are no guarantees !

2017.04.18 18:18 2017.04.18 18:18:47 

OK , my todays target is to go out of the open trades on break even .

2017.04.18 17:47 2017.04.18 17:47:03 


Hello friends ,

i believe that will be retracement soon , dont panik !

2017.04.18 13:55 2017.04.18 13:55:24 

very soon the price should drop...

2017.04.18 13:33 2017.04.18 13:33:45 

Ok , the building permits are coming after an hour , we have 4 open trades ,if price moves above 1.07 i am ready for hedge ,if trades cloased till one hour will be perfekt , if they not - we are prepared for that .

Good luck .

2017.04.18 08:50 2017.04.18 08:50:07 

Hello Friends ,

i am back from my vacation in Italy , and now i am ready to work even more harder than before .

About the market situation - the USD is in bad shape , the EUR is in bad shape , so the question these days is not who is stronger ,the main thing is who is weaker ? Today we have some important data about constructions permits in US ,and if we have low result , EUR/USD pair can go to 1.0670 and above . If its normal or good the price will stay in current levels . The most important is that the two curencies are under presure , and everything can happen .According to that i have plans to trade on the both directions , and will be prepared for multiple market situations . Wish you good luck !


2017.04.13 04:01 2017.04.13 04:01:41 

I will travel to Italy ,trades will be limited till Monday!

2017.04.12 07:48 2017.04.12 07:48:26 

Good moning friends ,

today i expect euro to go down , dosnt have major news so we will be on the market full time . Hope that we will have finnaly nice profits today !

Wish you good luck !

2017.04.11 19:35 2017.04.11 19:35:08 

Trades disabled due to FOMS statement......

2017.04.11 18:42 2017.04.11 18:42:54 

Hello friends ,

hope you are ok !

About the todays situation -as i write in my previuos update i was not expect that the price will move above 1.0620 ....wow it mouved but we were prepared for that .As you can see we have signed few insurances /longs /,and we payd the price for them /about 20usd / .Maybe some of you will say that this was not the right desigion ,but by them i was ready for 1.0680 and above .The most important for me is to protekt the account .We can win money every day , but we need money to make money .I close this trades in loss , because we are still in nice 3 % profit today .Dont wont to risk your savings .

P.S. Aaron Priest -Keep Calm and drink a beer :)

2017.04.11 08:12 2017.04.11 08:12:59 

What is today's most important to know , which will set the directions of our trades :

1.The stocks are down in asian sesion ; 2.There is uncertainty on markets by geopolitical issues ;3. Oil is up ;euro is loosing posistions due to the French elections, also today there is a lot of EU data , and if is negative the shorts will control the market ;

----Our todays strategy will be to stay maximum time on the market , and to make pauses only if we are on majors support line .If not i hope that we will have good profit . I dont expect to go above 1.0620 , but if i am wrong i am prepared for other trade conditions .

Wish you good luck !

2017.04.11 07:59 2017.04.11 07:59:03 

Hello friends ,

i saw that somebody from you have larger than 3 k ballance ,please this person to contact me in private for copy instructions !

2017.04.10 21:09 2017.04.10 21:09:32 

Trades cloased on break even because Yellen is comming , and i preffer not to risk .

There will be no more trades today , whish you good night !

2017.04.10 14:34 2017.04.10 14:34:27 

Hello friends ,

today we will trade till Yellen Speech , we will see what she would tell us , and after that if there is no high volatility will proceed trading .

Wish you luck !


2017.04.07 18:30 2017.04.07 18:30:45 

Hello ,

it time for the weekly analysis :

---------------------------------Account grow : 14 % ;Daily growth : 2.8 % ; ---------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------Max reached Drawdown :17 % ; -------------------------------------------------------

Market analysis - Boaring ranging market , without any significant moves , without clear direction , with many irrational moves .

Trading analysis - i made few wrong desigions , if didnt ,maybe the growth will be 4-5 % more ;

Next week forecast - i will try to increase the daily profit to 4 % if there is more vollatility , and clear market conditions .I will try to increase working hours .

Montly forecast - if entire month is the same ,as market conditions 55-60 % montly growth .

Drawdown forecast - i will try to keep same or 5-10 % more DD level .

Wish you great weekend ,see you at monday .

Bye Bye !

2017.04.07 14:38 2017.04.07 14:38:17 

Ok friends ,

according the NFP data , i think is too risky to go in the market . There will be no more trades this week , later today i will write my view for the first week of april ,what we have won and what we didnt .

2017.04.07 12:46 2017.04.07 12:46:16 

Trade disabled due to NFP ...

2017.04.06 19:26 2017.04.06 19:26:18 

Hello Friends ,

i want to inform about today's situation , and explane you why i made some of my movements .

The first sell which we have was at strong support line , after that there was huge movement till 1.0686 without any retracement .That movement increase the risk for the account .My view was that if 1.0680 is passed , there is high possibilty to go above 1.0715 .Because of that i was prepared for hedj ,and if is nesesery to go in long direction .When the price retrace it , i decide that is better to go out fast of these trades at small profit ,instead of risking the account for 20 usd more profit .The main thing is that situation was under control , and always will be .

Wish you good night .

2017.04.06 13:58 2017.04.06 13:58:58 

Stoped trading till end of the US news !

2017.04.06 10:05 2017.04.06 10:05:28 

Ok , we have the follow situation today :

The FED says yesterday that the stocks price is too high , that probably will raise the interest rate 2 times this year , and uncertainty is high due to Obamacare .What does it means - low value of USD .They wont weak dollar .

The other problem is that Europe is not in good condition too , as have problems with Brexit ,France and Greece .

So the question now is who is weaker .The price will move between 1.06 - 1.08 i think .Also i expect good NFP tomorrow .In current situation if price dosnt break 1.06 region ,everithing will be normal for the account . If moves above 1.0720 we are prepared for small hedj . If falls under 1.06 we will made long trades till 1.0650 . Wish you good luck . If you have questions PM me !

2017.04.06 06:22 2017.04.06 06:22:53 

Good Morning :)

Wish you good and profitable day!

2017.04.05 14:36 2017.04.05 14:36:26 

ADP is in super shape with this 263 K ,but in my opinion the market again didnt reackt correctly with this super low 20-30 pips movement .Anyway ,there is a lot of data from US today , and the most imoprtant is what should FED tell us later . I preffer not to trade the news ,and expose the account at risk . If the market is stable after the FED , the trades will begin after 19.00 GMT . If market is situated on huge support zone , i will wait for retracement before any action . Will stay in touch with you , if there is something interesting later .

Regards :Damyan

2017.04.05 13:12 2017.04.05 13:12:06 

Ok friends , ADP is comming after an hour . My expectations are for 200 k and above .If that happened USD will have nice advantage , but the problem is that since two months when we have strong news from US , the price reacts opposite . Because of that i will try to cut the trades before the news . Wish you good luck .

2017.04.05 10:01 2017.04.05 10:01:53 

Hello friends ,

today trading will be till 12.00 GMT , due to the important US data witch will be reliesed . After that if trade conditions are accetable ,will open new trades .

According previous two days , i am not satisfied with the results , but at all we are in profit , and i think this is a win at all .Hope next days will be beter .

The account is almost 8 percent up , which is good in this kind of market .Hope for better results in future .

If you have questions please send me PM .

Good Luck !

2017.04.04 16:05 2017.04.04 16:05:53 

Trades cloased due to the Draghi speech !High volatility expected , i dont wont to risk for few dollars . Safety first , hope you understand that !

2017.04.04 13:16 2017.04.04 13:16:03 

Not be surpriced if there is pullback till 1.0730....waiting for Mario's speech ,will try to close the trades 1 hour before , if i cant will be prepared for hedjing .

2017.04.04 08:07 2017.04.04 08:07:58 

Update 08:05 04.04

Last trades were cloased on break even , due to suspicios movement to the market since last night , and the long time since there are open . I dont wont to risk today , due to the Draghi speeach ,many things can happened ! Wish you good luck

2017.04.03 20:39 2017.04.03 20:39:10 

Hello Friends ,

boaring market today ,but the good news is that we are 2.5 % up with the account .I expect this pair to go little more up ,testing 1.0680 resistence , and bounce back to 1.0650 ,if passes 1.0685 then will see 1.0710/30 . If that happened and our DD is high , i am ready to hedj 20-30 % of the open trades .If not, we will proceed slow and steady to the victory :) Wish you luck !

2017.03.27 16:56 2017.03.27 16:56:44 

Ok friends ,that was last trade for the month !withdraw your profits and enjoy 😀. I will start trading at next Monday. Starting balance will be 486 usd. Good luck !

2017.03.26 18:47 2017.03.26 18:47:43 

Hello friends , i decide not to trade when i am abroad .

The trading will be stopped tomorrow monday at 22.00 GMT and will be started at friday 12.00 GMT .

If there is no control and monitoring , this will be more like a casino ,and i dont like to work that way .

Hope that you understand me .Good Luck !

2017.03.22 14:00 2017.03.22 14:00:30 

Important message !

From 28.03 till 31.03 i will be abroad , and the trading will be fully automated .There will be not monitoring full time ,only few times daily . If you have any concerns about that, please disconect the signal from your MT4 platform for this period . If you prefer not to do that , i inform you that i will set low risk options at my EA , and if drawdown is bigger than 200 usd , the trades will be cloased automaticly .

Wish you good luck !

2017.02.28 13:48 2017.02.28 13:48:44 

Profit for February -309.94 USD .

Profit withdrawn .

Starting ballance for next month - 483.67 USD .

Trade will begin at 01.03.2017 at 04.00 GMT .

Wish all good luck , and enjoy the profit !

2017.02.27 17:10 2017.02.27 17:10:53 

Tommorow i will withdraw the proffit for the month at 18.00 GMT .

The target for the month is reached .Hope next month will be even better , the targets remains the same .

Wish you good luck , and enjoy the proffit .

2017.02.23 18:53 2017.02.23 18:53:48 

Due to the unstable market conditions , i suggeest those who are worried about his capital , to cancel usage the signal , and wait for better market .Now is very risky time ,i will try hard ,but ...for me the most imortant is to preserve the subscribers funds .Nice results this month , i suggest all not to be greedy .

When the conditions are better , i will let you know !

Thanks , and good luck !

Thank you ,

2016.11.25 12:13 2016.11.25 12:13:54 

High proffit strategy tested ,with good results and small DD !

Will be used after 1.1.2017 .

Good luck !

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