I am an experienced trader with more than 8 years experience who is currently working in investment firm, join me if you hope to grow with me. Thank you.

My famous QUOTES: Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!

I believe that trading can either start from big or small, so in this signal, i am going to raise my capital into a big amount of money in a long term basis, This will be done by compounding and periodic withdrawal from my account, i hope this signal will benefit either small or big trader in a long term process. And most importantly, always invest only the money you afford to lose!!

Trading mode: Manual trading based on big investment banks money flow, policy maker's statement and economic data with the help of technical analysis of divergence, dow theory, price ambiguity and bollinger band.

Strategy: Both scalping and long term trading

Recommended Broker: CLICK! (you will get free VPS to use in signal subscription if you subscribe through the promotional link with deposit of at least 300 USD by opening MT4 Pro-Standard account, this broker has been proven to be best in copying mql5 signal as it provides lowest latency)

Minimum suggested deposit: 500 USD

The way to calculate the risk you are taking compared to my account= my capital/your capital x 100%

VPS: You will need a low latency vps to copy my signal, i would strongly recommend to register through the promotional link above to get free VPS from broker with lowest latency to reduce any possible risk of slippage and have exact trades as mine! This will save you at least 10 USD monthly.

Expected WIN:LOSS ratio will be 9:1 in long term. Cut loss when trading condition is out of control is expected!

Do drop me a private message if you need any help for this signal, i am always happy to assist you.

Warning: Copy Trades quality will greatly be reduced if subscription without the use of low latency VPS! Trading might be stopped during unfavorable moment for days to avoid risky trading.
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Trades: 1279
Profit Trades: 1211 (94.68%)
Loss Trades: 68 (5.32%)
Best trade: 223.25 USD
Worst trade: -195.65 USD
Gross Profit: 4964.35 USD (29552 pips)
Gross Loss: -513.31 USD (2475 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 610 (2871.07 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 2871.07 USD (610)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.57
Trading activity: 63.59%
Max deposit load: 5.70%
Recovery Factor: 14.22
Long Trades: 610 (47.69%)
Short Trades: 669 (52.31%)
Profit Factor: 9.67
Expected Payoff: 3.48 USD
Average Profit: 4.10 USD
Average Loss: -7.55 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 26 (-313.11 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -313.11 USD (26)
Monthly growth: 8.94%
Annual Forecast: 108.50%
Best trade: 223.25 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 610 (2871.07 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 2871.07 USD (610)
Worst trade: -195.65 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 26 (-313.11 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -313.11 USD (26)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 0.00 USD
Maximal: 313.11 USD (8.35%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 7.32% (313.11 USD)
By Equity: 45.87% (1411.30 USD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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Place your cursor over parameters/graph captions to see the best and worst trading series. Find out more about MAE and MFE distributions in the article Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results.

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0.37 × 437
0.37 × 90
0.39 × 124
0.40 × 30
0.41 × 192
0.42 × 257
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0.43 × 23
0.45 × 600
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0.47 × 15
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2016.10.19 02:15  (modified 2016.10.19 02:15) 


I have a question about lot size if you open 0.02 in your account it's open 0.01 in my account so what is the problem and how to solve it.

Best regards....

2016.10.03 11:01 

Thank you Angie for helping me compensate some losses I had in the past with other signals! Now the profit starts for me :)

And I really appreciate your open and honest updates with your point of view!

2016.10.01 04:07 

GOOD JOB!!!! I love this signal, Angie knows exactly what she is doing...WELL DONE Angie!

2016.09.30 19:05  (modified 2016.09.30 19:05) 

Gracias por el trabajo y empeño que haces. Hasta ahora muy contento por tu trabajo,continúa así.

Alvin Kiang
2016.09.26 17:04 

Please continue to make wise, calculated and managed moves according to a multifaceted market analysis. Thanks for your good work!

2016.09.26 09:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.09.23 22:15 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.09.17 03:39   

Want ANQIE to use the TP policy, because you can't always in front of the computer. I hope you can take our advice. I think you are a person who can accept the advice. Also, the real reason for my subscription is actually more because of your good luck.

2016.09.16 21:34   

Interesting that this present trade went from good profit to big loss and now needs a recovery strategy. Does this trader not use take profit and stop loss. Is this a hold and pray strategy?

2016.09.16 10:19   

I would also like to know what is the reason for the loss of profit. For a whole week, and now, once again caught in a loss, whether you can set TP?

2016.09.15 18:16   

Yes, I also see, the loss of more than 4 times, especially tonight this time, and now in a state of loss, I do not understand, I also want to know ANGLE, how is the thing, it is not common sense.

2016.09.15 06:27  (modified 2016.09.17 09:44) 

Hi Angie,

I know you are a good trader. But I do not understand your strategy. You keep on holding this trade for few days now and it even reach profit yesterday. You could have open profitable trades yesterday. Can you please clarify your plans. Are you expecting that eur/usd will hit the highest today? or you just forget to take profit yesterday.Please update us.

He went to vacation with the subscription fee profit he made. Just put a trade and your in your own. He doesnt care about his trade because he is only trading 0.01 lot size with few dollars profit. He is getting almost USD 5000 monthly from subscription. Totally not acceptable.

2016.09.14 20:12  (modified 2016.09.18 18:44) 

完全的失望,我已经是第三次订阅安吉的信号了,这次还是让人失望。三次获利的机会,(获利后还可以从更低的位置买入),来回可以获得巨大的利润,但是现在却像死尸账户一样,没有任何操作。真的很失望!补充一下,行情真的又大跌了。对于这个信号来说,真要自己不断的干涉才可以。Well, finally have a reply, he is still a willing to communicate, I like him to do so.Add two stars! I am also because of his attitude so once again subscribed.

2016.09.12 23:06 

Very good trader

2016.09.12 11:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.09.12 11:20 

I am following Angie for 2 month now, and i will follow furthermore.

This Signal is very Profitable. Five Stars!

There was some Drawdown of course, but Trading without Drawdown is impossible.

No Pain, no Gain.

Thank you so much for excellent trading !

2016.09.07 11:07  (modified 2016.09.14 19:06) 

Dear Angie,

you're better than I thought! Thank you very much for yesterday's nice profit.

2016.09.02 20:16   


I branched whith you (Small to big money ) sucessfully ,but when you take an operation ,the copy was failed

Msg of journal : A signal position # 58579705 buy 0.02 EURUSD at 1.1189 skipped as no symbol found

2016.08.25 01:04 

Been with him for last two month and made pretty good profit. Was scared at 45% draw down though.

2016.08.09 17:18 

Very happy with this signal so far. Angie is smart and aware of fundamentals. I saw a 40 percent drawdown just after i subscribed, was worried, but had faith and waited. Fortunately this trader is on the money ! The trades reversed and profit was taken. Next trades have been all profit. Thank you Angie, keep up the good work.

2016.10.11 09:31 2016.10.11 09:31:45 

Dear my subscribers,

No surprise that our current trades hit our TP point after some drawdowns, all of the elemental analyses have been explained well in my last news update. Although the bearish momentum has not ended yet, but due to recent radical movement and noises in many pairs, there is no need for us to push ourselves that much for higher profits. Sometimes, enough is just good. Let's wait for our next profitable trades. I wish continuous success of us! Thanks.

Best Regards,



2016.10.08 21:13 2016.10.08 21:13:30 

Dear my subscribers,

There are signs from either fundamental or technical analysis showing the resume of long term bearish trend of EURUSD. And the EURUSD has transformed from medium term bullish to short term bullish momentum, and i believe that the bullish momentum is just temporary, so i stepped in shorting eurusd after the break of support 1.1122 before NFP, although the NFP turned out to be less than forecast and this is the main reason which causes us to have some drawdowns, but based on my analysis, the NFP value is in fact showing that US is under its course of economic recovery. It is obvious that the US interest rate has been maintained at a point way too low from its real economic strength due to a very cautious approach by the FED, hence, it is at a very critical moment that urges FED to raise interest rate by 25 basis point by the end of this year to prevent overheating of US economy which can be an adverse effect from long term low interest rate. The NFP value although showing lower than forecast value but it indeed reflected that the labour condition of US is healthy to support for a rate hike of US interest rate for this year. Recently, there has been a flash crash in GBPUSD due to worries over BREXIT issue, in fact, i have speculated this to happen in both EURUSD and GBPUSD in this year few months after Brexit Referendum, so there are intensive shorting orders during July and August in my signal, however, the speculation came late and only happened in GBPUSD until today. By analyzing all the fundamental conditions of both Europe And United States, and not to forget the implementation of Brexit by UK in 2017, i speculate that the lingering effect of Brexit will resume and hence i stop any longing position in EURUSD temporary by speculating that very soon the market will start to price in the discrepancy of the market price of EURUSD with its actual economic strength. And i strongly believe that the temporary bullish trend of EURUSD is limited and it is good to further sell at any rally of the pair. I hope all of you would understand my intention and support me in every decision that i make as i am as eager as you to earn great profits for all of us. Thanks and happy weekend.

Best Regards,


2016.09.30 18:37 2016.09.30 18:37:21 

Dear my subscribers,

It is an up and down month with roller coaster alike market movement, although i am still very much confident that EURUSD will reach higher level profit point around 1.12800. However, we have been experiencing few sudden retracements of the trend due to political instability in US which have erased our profits out of sudden. So, it is good that we stay back first with some profits although i remain very optimistic and confident with our entry of buying positions, i hope you do understand that i am doing so as to avoid unnecessary risk. I hope all of you have gained great profits from my signal. Besides, i would also like to thank those subscribers who have updated me that their accounts increased more than 300% growth after joining my signals for few months. I am glad to hear that as i always judge the success of my signal not by how many subscriptions i have got but instead how much profits i have brought to my subscribers who have followed me for a long time. I believe this is the biggest reward for me as a trader and also signal provider. Sincerely, your thanks made me feel warmed and satisfied. Thanks for always staying patiently with me.

Best Regards,


2016.09.23 06:03 2016.09.23 06:03:07 

Dear my subscribers,

As predicted, Fed took decision to hold on the interest rate hike, and the next possible rate hike will be in December. And it is good to hold all of our current trades to wait the eurusd to retrace and advance it bullishness. Current outlook is eurusd will have bullish medium trend before engaging in any strong momentum movement. Please be patient for profit taking time as we are on the right side, we are waiting for more profits before closing the trades, and of course some temporary drawdown due to retracement will be highly expected. I highly anticipate that our current trades will be close within 1 week time with great profits providing that no additional market sentiment surprise. Thanks.

Best Regards,



2016.09.18 17:58 2016.09.18 17:58:53 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry for late update as i was in oversea due to emergency for last 8 days, my mql5 account is IP restricted so i could not log in to my account in oversea. Yet, i was still closely monitoring all the trades as i can still log in to my own trading account in oversea even though i could not log in my mql5 account. Current trades aim to achieve higher profits, so this was the reason i am still holding the trades even though we have had some profits gained, of course those come with the risk of taking all the profits away and it ends up that we are in drawdown. Current situation has been under my expectation as a risk when i decided to hold the trades even though it has some good profits, but this risk is a healthy risk in my opinion as I see very little chance that FED will hike interest rate in this month due to the election is coming soon, it is a very unwise decision if they hike the interest rate now. So, in fact, it is good for us to enter more long positions if EURUSD edges lower. These trades are meant for medium term trading which could last for weeks with higher profits as target, again, i would like to highlight that my signal has been operating for half year and i have been using either scalping, medium or long term trading for different levels of profits taken, i have never changed my strategy of trading. If you have been following me since the first day of my signal, then you would probably know that i do take risk for all the trades in an appropriate way, i did miss some profits and turned in drawdown however in the end it ended up with huge profits eventually after some time spent, i did have losing trades too when condition does not favour me. Some subscribers even left a bad review for me as they accused me for not closing the trades in profits and reopen new buying trades after EURUSD goes down, i hope you understand that i could not predict 100% every detailed of market movement, if i could, i would have done so. I really hope you would understand that every trades that i have made come with reasonable fundamental and technical reasons, and trades could vary from scalping to long term trading. All in all, i see current trades have 92% chances to close in profits as i only account 8% of chances that FED will hike the interest rate in this month. Hence, i think my decision to continue holding the trades is right according to my speculation. Again, i am a full time trader, and i will never allow my trades running without any monitor, all my trades are monitored very closely during every economic news and i sincerely appologize for late update due to IP restriction when i was in oversea. Please be patient as we are still in right direction. Thanks.

Best Regards,


2016.09.06 20:45 2016.09.06 20:45:03 

Dear my subscribers,

Congratulations for the great profits we have just gained, everything goes well as expected although initially we were suffering from some drawdown. Thanks for staying tightly with me. For your information, i will only make my withdrawal once my account has achieved 50k usd mark which is possible within 1-2 years time, so if you have had enough profits in your account, you shall consider some withdrawal before me. I wish continued success for all of us. Good luck!

Best regards,



2016.08.24 15:47 2016.08.24 15:47:01 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry for taking a longer time than for trades to be closed with great profits, anyhow my speculation came true without doubts and i hope all of you enjoy my signal with good profits. Undeniably, trading is a long term process and it needs a lot of passion and patience. Let's aim for another good trades! Cheers




2016.08.17 09:18 2016.08.17 09:18:34 

Dear my subscribers,

Everything has been good and all trades run well with gradual increase in our capital without much risk involved since after i control the lot size at safe level. Besides, I have added a new signal strictly for higher capital subscribers to join so that risk can be diversified. I hope you do enjoy my trading and i wish i have brought you great profits. Thanks and have a good day.




2016.08.05 19:58 2016.08.05 19:58:51 

Dear my subscribers,

Again everything has gone like my speculation with large bearish trend of eurusd again due to fundamental divergence between Europe and US. And our max drawdown has doubled due to the fact that i have tripled the lot size traded. In order to avoid such this high drawdown again, i will maintain my lot size traded as like before so that all of us could earn safely in long term basis. Anyway, everything is good that we have got some minor profits after we have riden on dragon due to unexpected spike on EURUSD with no fundamental support. It is good that we could avoid unnecessary losses from this drawdown, and instead gain a marginal profits. This hard moment also has revealed to you that how i could manage the trading during critical moment without causing unnecessary losses when we are in fact in a right trend. Cut loss during drawdown just because we are afraid or panic is very harmful decision for long term trading, cut loss should be handled wisely and only executed when there are enough evidence to show trend has changed by fundamental analysis. I don't expect everyone to have same view as mine in trading that is to minimize unneccessary losses first then minimize drawdown at second place. I thank you for staying with me tightly during this hard moment, and it has passed, we are ready to grow again. For your information, this is real time trading and obviously sometimes we could have some bad time if the trading goes in a long term basis, in order to reduce the tendency of us to face high drawdown like this, i will announce that upcoming trades i will maintain the lot size as usual like before without substantial increase if it is not 100% profitable to reduce risk. Good day.



2016.08.01 15:02 2016.08.01 15:02:34 

Dear my subscribers,

We are now in increased drawdown, and i am still on the same stance of view that we are in the right direction, our drawdown has come to a level that is riskier, so all trading decisions now will be more careful. I see 80% chances that we will recover all the drawdown with profits. I am sorry for this hard time due to my speculation that eurusd will break major support has come too soon. Yet, my anticipation is still valid with current fundamental and technical elements. We are on the same boat, i will try my best to have better trading decision to avoid unnecessary loss. I am still monitoring closely our trades every moment, i hope you understand that i dislike drawdown like you do, but since we are in the right direction, it is good for us to wait for the market to resume the bearish trend once the bullish retracement is over. Good day.



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