7/2/2017 update: The actual growth should be much higher than 850%, and a large portion of profits have been cancelled in MQL5 system today for calculation of the signal growth, so the growth% displayed does not represent the actual growth of my signal, please refer the growth graph for the actual representation of my signal growth

I am an experienced trader with more than 8 years experience who is currently working in investment firm, join me if you hope to grow with me. Thank you.

My famous QUOTES: Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!

I believe that trading can either start from big or small, so in this signal, i am going to raise my capital into a big amount of money in a long term basis, This will be done by compounding and periodic withdrawal from my account, i hope this signal will benefit either small or big trader in a long term process. And most importantly, always invest only the money you afford to lose!!

Trading mode: Manual trading based on big investment banks money flow, policy maker's statement and economic data with the help of technical analysis of divergence, dow theory, price ambiguity and bollinger band.

Strategy: Both scalping and long term trading

Recommended Broker: CLICK!!! (Please choose under FSA Seychelles regulator on top of the page of registration and open an ECN PRO account with leverage of 1:500 after account verification, this broker is a true STP broker which means it passes your trading orders directly to liquidity provider and it has no conflict of interest with their clients, hence it provides a safer place for you to keep your fund, this broker has also been proven to be best in copying mql5 signal as it provides lowest spread and latency in trade copying without restricting their clients to use any type of trading strategy. Please inbox me if you need help in account opening)

*You will get an extra 5% commission discount on all trades if you register using my IB code: IB94102285 during trading account registration under the recommended broker

Minimum suggested deposit: 500 USD (High risk, high reward), 1000 USD (moderate risk), 1500 USD (low risk)

The way to calculate the risk you are taking compared to my account= 3000/your capital x 100%

Spread and trade execution: You will need a low spread and latency broker to copy my signal to avoid slippage, i would strongly recommend to register through the promotional link above to get 5% discount in commission from the broker with lowest latency to reduce any possible risk of slippage and have exact trades as mine!

Expected WIN:LOSS ratio will be 9:1 in long term. Cut loss when trading condition is out of control is expected!

Do drop me a private message if you need any help for this signal, i am always happy to assist you.

Warning: Copy Trades quality will greatly be reduced if subscription without the use of low spread broker as suggested! Trading might be stopped during unfavorable moment for days to avoid risky trading.
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Trades: 2017
Profit Trades: 1903 (94.34%)
Loss Trades: 114 (5.65%)
Best trade: 223.25 USD
Worst trade: -195.65 USD
Gross Profit: 9248.13 USD (49950 pips)
Gross Loss: -604.04 USD (2948 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 610 (2871.07 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 2871.07 USD (610)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.55
Trading activity: 60.26%
Max deposit load: 23.52%
Recovery Factor: 27.61
Long Trades: 895 (44.37%)
Short Trades: 1122 (55.63%)
Profit Factor: 15.31
Expected Payoff: 4.29 USD
Average Profit: 4.86 USD
Average Loss: -5.30 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 26 (-313.11 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -313.11 USD (26)
Monthly growth: 6.25%
Annual Forecast: 75.88%
Best trade: 223.25 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 610 (2871.07 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 2871.07 USD (610)
Worst trade: -195.65 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 26 (-313.11 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -313.11 USD (26)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 0.00 USD
Maximal: 313.11 USD (8.35%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 7.32% (313.11 USD)
By Equity: 45.87% (1411.30 USD)

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Average rating:
Tang Ou
2017.03.25 05:36   

After stop trading and trying in other siganls. I work out that the best time to join a signal is when the signal is deep DD. The deeper, the better. This is subject to the conditions of history successful and a good responsible from the provider. Thus, I am thinking to enable this signal again if the price is going higher. And put a buy top at 1.085 to hedge the trade.


If anyone wants to quit or hedge or close part of it, do it while the price is in retreat. It is very hard to act if the price is back to above 1.082. What happens if it is all the way down? No matter what you do, always come with a risk.

"Extra selling positions will be prevented, instead hedging will be used if needed." from the provider.

2017.03.24 13:43 

2017.03.24 I Sub to this signal for some time now, and feel Angie is doing her best to keep everyone happy. Yes there is a big DD at the moment but please keep in mind that if you are underfunded your risks are high, if you keep to Angies funding parameters you should be still ok thus far, but for near future no one can see. As my previous review said it was hard for me as i was underfunded but i came back into profit and even managed to withdraw from account also.

This is a bad time at the moment agreed, but still Angie is a great trader...


2016.11.07 I have lost 50% of my investment on this trade only because i have not enough capital to hold my positions but i have still got faith in this signal, I am hoping to make my loss back in the near future... keep up the good work.

2017.03.24 09:23 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.03.24 03:51 


2017.03.23 19:51  (modified 2017.03.23 20:55)   

Ok, maybe 4th rate hikes chance will give USD little bit power. But what will happend If Trump loose vote?

2017.03.23 15:42 

What happened? Trading was consistent and profitable a few months ago. Now it feels like Angie has taken leave of her senses.

Arnaud dhuicque
2017.03.22 20:16 

man, just spent the $36 to subscribe and on demo only...

phew, guess i shall wait for more info on this provider...

2017.03.22 08:37 

very bad! unsubscribe!

2017.03.22 06:54 

- March 22 2017

HELLO CALM DOWN WITH THE EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF POSITIONS YOU ARE PUTTING ON EURUSD. You fail to understand that you are offering a service and in this description you fairly low risk for a 1500$ account. Your subscribers have put a lot of faith in you to hold up to this deal and you are failing them by neglecting the data from the fundamentals that have gave the bulls such momentum on EU. You also need to understand majority of your clients are under funded, and yes this your are not to blame for this but be considerate when opening so many positions and not hedging during the rally. Ive been subbed to you for 2 months now and your performance has been well with a max of 16 positions. 30+ positions is suicide for smaller accounts or accounts that are currently overexposed to the market and the high dd makes me fairly uncomfortable on a account with 6k in it even though I've hedged against your current positions. I appreciate the update that you have given us recently but on the situation but unfortunately the damage has already been done.

Innokenti Prelovski
2017.03.21 20:14 

very bad performance!

pjch2017 伍
2017.03.21 15:22 


2017.03.21 14:37  (modified 2017.03.21 15:25) 

It seems that we are currently at a point which means a historical resistance. If we exceed this, the next brand will probably be 1.10 and higher. Which holds also my account no longer off and I think all 2000er accounts are then affected. But .... stopps need only softies. We hard signal followers need finally only patience .... and many more money. Angie, you've been doing a good job for a while, but somehow, losses in your strategy never seem an option. It comes the time, when the market will fuck us for this strategy. Maybe it already there ...who knows

Sorry, it is not fair to give you one star. So i correct my choice.

2017.03.21 14:19   

When will the eurusd trend reverse?

2017.03.21 13:50 

Come on Angie , We are waiting for your lecture about patience and risk management.

2017.03.21 12:39 

Closed ALL trades manually and suspended signal. DD and Risk is very high now.

2017.03.21 12:22   

Game over for me.

Lesson learn.

Yang May Leong
2017.03.21 10:15  (modified 2017.03.21 10:16) 

Its easy to attack provider when dd is very high. Its also easy to say should do this and that when its after the fact.

Angie could maybe help by tuning order management EA to detect trend changes/basket close when abt 20pips each (her previous batches were this level)

I like that angie try her best to give us small profits along the way despite the current higher dd by entering when trend is more confirmed

It just looks like EU is spurted up maybe due to better numbers from Germany and medium to longer term good news abt GBP

Lets Pray. After these batches i will really consider carefully before renewing

2017.03.21 09:28  (modified 2017.03.21 09:30) 

06/02/17Frankly speaking as a monthly subscriber I would not prefer few long-term risky trades per subscription period. I think it would be in your subscriber's interest to have multiple profitable short-duration trades. I would not subscribe to the signal anymore if you changed your trading style to long-term. The signal has not been trading for almost a week despite that Angie could have made a few short trades that generate extra profits to at least make up for the floating loss. I hope that you are not taking us for a ride or become complacent in your signal service Angie. Honestly, I suspect that the reason for that "5 pips away unclosed trade" was due to the distraction of Chinese new year celebration. Please don't keep trades open if you can't afford to keep an eye on them.

18/02/17 It seems Angie has heed to her mistakes and humbly changed her trading style to a safer and more r responsible way. Thank you Angie and please keep up the good work.

23/02/17 I have notice that recent trades were entered at very poor positions.

17/03/17 Well good luck guys if she didn;t hedge to protect further drawdown. It has been predicted that the big players will continue to trap usd longs later during eur and us session. Fundamentals that are available to us are only traps (except sudden unexpected fundamentals). The down trend movement prior to NFP and FOMC was a setup from big players.

21/03/17 The big guys are shifting the trading zones while trapping usd bulls. The wait for the market to turn around tatic this time didn;t work well for both CALM and this signal. I think they should really hedge (all you use a hedging EA to monitor for you) by placing a buy/short stop on the opposite just in case the trend did not go their way. Good luck everyone! hope there will be a significant reversal soon (It's almost the end of the month)

2017.03.21 09:18   

This signal is opening verry irrisponsable positions. It opened 15 sell positions this morning although everything indicates that the dollar will rise above 1.08.

2017.03.21 09:12   

DD at 62%

ready to blow out my 1000 eur account....

2017.03.23 18:23 2017.03.23 18:23:01 

Dear my subscribers,

The situation is becoming more controllable and market has started to see the possible 4 rate hikes in this year where this is one of the factor where current trades based on. If you see closely on daily chart, it has formed a double top, and this technically means that the further bull shall be limited. I hope we could be more patient in current bad condition, of course, our main target is for our TP to hit, anyway, i will readjust accordingly if needed. Thank you.




2017.03.21 16:31 2017.03.21 16:31:43 

Dear my subscribers,

It is a bad moment for all of us as of now, as the recent over optimism on Euro hit us badly currently. Still, our current trades are based on anticipation on few factors of coming anticipations which are 4 rate hikes price in of US, Reduction of balance sheet by FOMC, next month French election worries and huge interest rate divergence between USD and EURO (increased borrowing cost). From current point of view, current trades will take us another few weeks before we could end up nicely. At current critical condition, smart hedging will be implemented if necessary. Please also maintain your account balance at least 1300 usd to avoid stop out due to low margin. 1.08 shall be the point where we could start to see some bearish momentum as this is a very good point for all the big investors to again go for shorting eurusd for those anticipations i mentioned. It is not a moment that all of us hope to come, i am having a higher than usual drawdown too which i don't really wish to see in my accounts just like you, however, it is my courtesy to trade and handle the current trades diligently at this critical moment. There are a lot of "if" that you could mention, but please remember that this is real time trading, and all the trades are based on my solid anticipations. Sometimes, the market could skew temporarily to the other side to create larger discrepancy for what it is supposed to be in the future, but certainly at this current price, it will attract more market big players to short EURUSD due to attractive rewards based on the discrepancy. I know it is a hard decision for us to take, it is the same to me as well, but my decision is all made based on my analysis of the market primarily on fundamental aspects. Extra selling positions will be prevented, instead hedging will be used if needed. Thank you.




2017.03.16 19:57 2017.03.16 19:57:42 

Dear my subscribers,

Obviously, we are hit by temporary bad condition before my anticipation could come true. It is very obvious that during a bad moment, human tends to act emotionally and the easiest reaction at this moment is to have blames. Please stay patiently and think rationally, would you keep longing eurusd or shorting eurusd given the current fundamental factors i pointed out? After yesterday US interest rate hike, the divergence of interest rate between Euro and USD is wider, it would be unwise to long eurusd in a long term at current price given that the borrowing cost is very high to do so. If you would like to have a risk free investment, obviously investment in trading is not suitable to you. It is just as simple as couple of clicks in order to close all of our losing positions to limit the the further drawdown, but please forgive me that i would not do so given all the fundamental facts that i have seen and anticipated. Please do read thoroughly my signal page description and take some time to calculate the risk of your deposit with the provided formula, they are there since many months ago and it is clearly stated that 500 usd is a high risk and high reward trading in my signal, if you still expect that it is a low risk then probably there is something wrong. Even a day before, i did update in my news to urge all to keep all trading accounts at least 1000 usd, it is not a mandatory, but it is recommended for your own good and i believe it is my responsibility to tell you to keep everyone safe. Well, back to our trades, as i updated in my last news update, the bullish momentum shall diminish before 1.08. I am always keeping my trading transparent and providing appropriate update to let all of you be prepared for the worst. There are many "IF", but i am just more focused on the trades. Please forgive me that I insist in keeping the trades running as i see the trades will still be profitable at the end and i need to keep my trading way despite of some complaints from new subscribers. I apologize for current bad moment, and i hope all of you would be patient during this bad moment as we are all on the same boat. Thank you.




2017.03.15 21:59 2017.03.15 21:59:15 

Dear my subscribers,

I apologize for the increased drawdown that we are experiencing, I am still holding my view the same as the update in 10th of March. Today, the rate hike came as expected however, the 4 rate hike factoring in as i expected slid off by market investors after a moderate tone of Yellen on the market view. Yet, she keeps the door opened for a faster rate hike if Trump policy could be seen to heat up the economy. Due to this aspect, our trades will take longer than i expected to turn to my target point. With all the fundamental elements in place, i highly anticipate that eurusd will be brought to 1.045 or 1.04 price region in medium term. I am sorry for those who blew the accounts due to extreme multiplication of lot size traded on their own without consultation from me. The current drawdown shall be capped before 1.08. Please keep your account balance at least 1000 usd to prevent unnecessary short term spike. Thank you.




2017.03.14 21:21 2017.03.14 21:21:26 

Dear my subscribers,

I remain the same view as my last news update, please don't close or interrupt the current positions on your own because as i said the trades are good. Don't let your emotion ruins the profits. Please be patient and let me handle everything for you as always. Thank you.




2017.03.10 19:49 2017.03.10 19:49:34 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry for the drawdown goes higher, however, it is still under a well manageable condition and our trades are all in line with current fundamental aspects, we are not doing anything against trend and the NFP was solid and supportive for March US rate hike next week. It will soon open up a new table for investors to factor in 4 interest rate hikes this year. The current drawdown is basically temporary take profit by investors on eurusd shorting positions after some slight improved tones from ECB. Yet, the French election will be in next month, and Brexit is ongoing this month with addition of US rate hike on table, The current bullish momentum of eurusd is very well viewed as temporary retracement. Due to increased volatility, i highly recommend that all subscribers to keep at least 1000 usd in your trading account to avoid any unnecessary risk coming from sudden spike. In fact, i see current situation as a good opportunity overall as it will open up more selling opportunity with more rooms for us to gain better profit. As i mentioned very well in my signal page that 500 usd starting investment in my signal is high risk trading, at current higher volatility, it is much better to temporary increase it to 1000 usd to avoid the risk from temporary spike and withdraw as soon as current trades are all closed. Again, the condition is not as bad as you think, and i am 96% confident that current trades would all run into profits and i am very well aware of what i am doing. I am sorry that i have more than 100 messages in my inbox, please give me some time to reply all. Thank you.




2017.03.09 17:38 2017.03.09 17:38:05 

Dear my subscribers,

I know how frustrated it can be when profitable trades run into drawdown, however, it was my decision to keep the trade running for better profits. Current trades are very well in lined with the medium term fundamental outlook of eurusd and current drawdown is very low and considered healthy. Every trading decision comes with a risk, however, i can ensure you that the drawdown shall be temporary. Thank you.




2017.03.01 00:45 2017.03.01 00:45:17 

Dear my subscribers,

Everything is just great again in February, as i always said, i judge the success of my signal by how much profits i have brought to my subscribers instead of the number of subscribers i am having. If you have joined few signals at once for a month, i am sure that you would have noticed that this signal is by far the most profitable signal in MQL5 which has brought great profits in high consistency under appropriate risk. Unlike other signals which mainly utilize martingale strategy which are always taking risk more than profits and such trading strategy is very dangerous in a long term although it might appear to be safe at first sight, however, this signal is traded with fundamental basis as the main trading ideas and it has been proven to be very successful in a long term trading. Anyway,i hope you choose a good signal carefully and i wish we will be better in March trading! Thanks for your great patience and i congratulate you for the profits we have gained!




2017.02.17 19:41 2017.02.17 19:41:45 

Dear subscribers,

Please forgive me that i have to close the current trades earlier at very insignificant profits before it hits our tentative TP point. If you have been following my news update all along the way, you could have seen that my news update on 31/1/17 has its anticipation fulfilled roughly 80% where eurusd has sharp drop in price these two weeks, yet, the current trades are based on the anticipation published, since now it is near for this week market to close and we are at zero loss, there is no harm for us to reenter next week at a better price. I am always trying my best to make my trading ideas as transparent as it could be. Thank you.




2017.02.07 11:41 2017.02.07 11:41:26 

Dear subscribers,

Congratulations. Trades are closed in great profits like i promised, it is an early exit with some losses to avoid any unexpected spike. Thank you.




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