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rapmaxter 2023.03.24 11:11 

big losses: the reality of the orders does not match the order history on the signal page

Autor123 2023.02.01 21:07 

The successfull history of this signal seems to be based on luck. I subscribed for one month and it opened only trades against the trend, no risk management visible and it looks like no actions were taken to improve the situation. The signal passed my maximum drawdown and I'm out. Nevertheless, it worked before so I rate it two stars but for me it's zero

Rolf Karlsson
Rolf Karlsson 2023.01.23 11:07  (modified 2023.01.25 18:21) 

Very bad signal. It opens a large number of trades, and even though they are deep in the negative, it doesn't address it at all and keeps them open. That's why the signal seems profitable, but look at the equity curve!