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Hello, subscribers!

This is fully automated system. Trading in asian session. EA was developed by myself. 

1) Risk now is set to 10% per one trade and it is always = 50 pips(4 digit). You may think, that it is high, but you should know that there is an algoritm for early position closing .

    Statistics for the system is: 84 % profit trades and 16 % loss trades. Average profit trade = 10 pips(4 digit) and average loss trade = 15 pips(4digit).  So using risk = 10% per trade you have an average risk = 3,5 % per one trade and it is not so high already. All detailed statistics you can see on Myfxbook monitoring

2) Stoploss and TakeProfit are always used.

3) Trading is held on 9 currency pairs; maximum is 2 trades per one symbol in different directions.

4,5) I am not using martingale and grid technics, so there will be no difference between Balance and Equity lines and big floating drawdowns, that can blow account in one day.

6) An average duration of trades is 2- 4 hours. 

7) Largest percentage loss on one trade is 10 %. (happens very rarely)

8) Largest pip loss is 50 pips on one trade.

9) My strategy opens trades only at asian session, in this time there no big news.

 If you will decide to subscribe, I advice you to copy trades using small risk for the first week. This will help you to understand how much this system suits you and how much will be slippage in copying trades (sometimes slippage can be high, because of Brokers super-high spreads and slow execution, my broker is TickMill and it is good broker, so if your broker is good too, I suppose the slippage will be minimal.) you can compare your trades with my MyFxBook monitoring. 

Thank you. 

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Trades: 694
Profit Trades: 520 (74.92%)
Loss Trades: 174 (25.07%)
Best trade: 247.07 USD
Worst trade: -400.02 USD
Gross Profit: 5209.83 USD (53887 pips)
Gross Loss: -4282.79 USD (34769 pips)
Maximum consecutive wins: 20 (29.48 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 276.19 USD (6)
Sharpe Ratio: 0.13
Trading activity: 14.88%
Max deposit load: 17.24%
Recovery Factor: 1.29
Long Trades: 307 (44.24%)
Short Trades: 387 (55.76%)
Profit Factor: 1.22
Expected Payoff: 1.34 USD
Average Profit: 10.02 USD
Average Loss: -24.61 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 5 (-107.25 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -425.11 USD (2)
Monthly growth: -14.94%
Annual Forecast: -100.00%
Best trade: 247.07 USD
Maximum consecutive wins: 20 (29.48 USD)
Maximal consecutive profit: 276.19 USD (6)
Worst trade: -400.02 USD
Maximum consecutive losses: 5 (-107.25 USD)
Maximal consecutive loss: -425.11 USD (2)
Drawdown by balance:
Absolute: 0.00 USD
Maximal: 720.59 USD (42.29%)
Relative drawdown:
By Balance: 31.20% (426.51 USD)
By Equity: 17.84% (38.47 USD)

MFE and MAE Distribution Point Graphs

Maximum profit (MFE) and maximum loss (MAE) values are recorded for each open order during its lifetime. These parameters additionally characterize each closed order using the values of the maximum unrealized potential and maximum permitted risk. MFE/Profit and MAE/Profit distribution graphs display each order as a point with received profit/loss value plotted along the X-axis, while maximum displayed values of potential profit (MFE) and potential loss (MAE) are plotted along the Y-axis.

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No data

Place your cursor over parameters/graph captions to see the best and worst trading series. Find out more about MAE and MFE distributions in the article Mathematics in Trading: How to Estimate Trade Results.

Symbol Deals Sell Buy

The average slippage based on execution statistics on real accounts of various brokers is specified in pips. It depends on the difference between the provider's quotes from "Tickmill-Live" and the subscriber's quotes, as well as on order execution delays. Lower values mean better quality of copying.

Forexware-Live 7
0.00 × 5
0.00 × 1
0.00 × 2
0.00 × 2
0.19 × 181
0.22 × 265
0.46 × 71459
0.50 × 4634
0.50 × 2
0.53 × 148
0.57 × 932
0.63 × 184
0.77 × 2152
0.79 × 833
0.80 × 44
0.80 × 10
0.80 × 700
0.81 × 8808
0.90 × 617
FXOpenUK-ECN Live Server
0.96 × 913 LIVE
0.97 × 88
0.97 × 411
1.00 × 2
1.00 × 2
1.05 × 262
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Average rating:
Egor Kovtun
2017.03.10 13:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Leon W
2017.03.06 02:27 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Erich Weber
2017.02.23 07:25 

This signal worked perfectly for my jfd brokers account.

2017.01.03 13:53 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Change lot size Signals
2016.12.28 11:44  (modified 2016.12.28 11:44) 

Good good!. Subscribers can increase the lot size from 0.01 lot x n , so your profits will increase many times over. Read at my profile.

Gustavo Dos Reis
2016.12.27 20:16 

My subscription expires tomorrow, and I wish I had something positive to say, but I don't, seems to be a good signal, but I got in a bad month, no profit, no substantial recovery before the end of the month...

2016.12.26 13:45   

2016/12/26 - You TP, but i SL. You should avoid low trading activity b4 and after Christmas.

2016.12.26 01:46 

I am out of the signal with many loss.

Mohsen Kazemi
2016.12.22 05:31 

without any plan . Too bad

Wenqin Chen
2016.12.22 02:08   


2016.12.21 16:13 

I asked the author about trading in the next days after Christmas, no answer for more than a week nor a information about. Not very professional.

2016.12.17 05:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Jet Get
2016.12.16 09:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.12.05 07:11 

Hi Vitaly you are really professional

Jovan Veskovic
2016.11.30 22:14 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ , upfront a few stars for you ! Good luck !!!

2016.11.07 14:56  (modified 2016.11.09 00:45) 

Yu Fa Chu (o come cazz' te chiam'), YOU are a BIG cojon!!

Yu Fa Chu
2016.06.21 10:55   


Countless losses


Neither Available


I'm a big loss

2016.06.01 08:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Xiuhe Song
2016.05.30 18:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2016.05.30 05:33  (modified 2016.05.30 05:33) 

Large stop loss and small profits.In one day lost around 100%.

2016.11.09 11:11 2016.11.09 11:11:47 

Hi subscribers,

I am writing to inform you, that all limites for financial operations were canceled :)

Thank you.

2016.11.09 04:45 2016.11.09 04:45:08 

Hello subscribers,

Mql limited my financial operations, that is why you can't subscribe to the signal.

I don't know why this happened, but I suppose we will solve this problem soon.

I wrote to the mql support yesterday, but they didn't answered yet.

Also I can't answer to the personal messages, may be they are also blocked.

I am sure that this is a temporary situation.

I will inform you about the situation immediately.

2016.11.08 05:52 2016.11.08 05:52:05 

Hello dear subscribers,

today is important day in USA - presidential election.

That can cause high and unpredictable volatility in the forex market.

Because of this fact I will stop trading today untill the market will become more stable.

Thank you all..

2016.04.14 19:46 2016.04.14 19:46:43 


I am writing to inform everyone that some new currency pairs will be added to the trading system since today.


Risk will be set for thease pairs to ~ 4-5%

I am sure, it will make system more balanced and profitable.

Best Regards.

2016.04.14 05:36 2016.04.14 05:36:00 

Hello, subscribers,

Today happened loss = 50 pips = 10%.

I realy don't understand why some of subscribers are so surprised and trying to blame me and my strategy and my EA, that it is broken and doesn't work anymore.

Some of you wrote that I was drunk with vodka and that is why loss happened, and that I changed my strategy.

It is so unprofessional from their side..

I wrote in description FOR EVERYONE, that maximal loss = 50 pips, and for my account it is 10% risk. And sometimes this will happen, but not often.

All subscribers read it and everyone know the risk.

All subscribers have an ability to choose lower risk for their accounts.

I am following my rulls and I am not changing my strategy, and I am honest with all subscribers.

We all want to avoid losses, but they are part of strategy.

Good luck for everyone!

2016.04.07 19:55 2016.04.07 19:55:21 

Hello, Guys!

First of all I'd like to thank you all for your positive reviews, I apprechiate this.

I must say that I am still receiving a lot of letters from you about USDCAD currency pair, and most of you want me to start trading this symbol again.

I also want it, because I think it is profitable part of this strategy.

So I tried to find the reason of the problem.. and now I suppose, that all the problems that some of you had were because most of trades opened in the time when spread is always highest and mql copying system works not properly.

In order to satisfy all my subscribers I decide to start trading again USDCAD, but using other algoritm which is also very profitable and stable. I think that this algoritm will not cause such problems, because trades will open at a little different time and it uses good spread control.

I hope this decision will satisfy all of you!

Thank you again.

Best Regards..

2016.04.05 16:39 2016.04.05 16:39:45 

Hello, subscribers!

Today I have received from some of you letters about some problems in copying trades of USDCAD currency pair.

I don't know why this happening, but on some of your accounts sometimes trades are copying at very different price and time.

May be this happens because of bad broker's conditions (spreads, execution, slippage) or something else, but other currencies are good copied.

So, I decide to stop trading on USDCAD currency pair, in order to save your money.

Thank you.

Best Regards..

2016.03.31 10:47 2016.03.31 10:47:53 

Hello, dear subscribers,

Just a little unlucky today.

I was expecting that the price will go up, but I decided to modify stoploss because of expectation an important news in order to avoid higher loss.

Sometimes losses happens, it is normal.

Best Regards..

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