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treeace 2023.03.27 18:26 

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Amgad Megahed
Amgad Megahed 2023.03.20 23:18  (modified 2023.03.22 10:22) 

Shit signal and it`s going to blow up tonight

Sergey77777 2023.03.15 12:23  (modified 2023.03.21 05:22) 

30 минут терпения не хватило, чтобы закрыть с прибылью вместо убытка...

Jerome Gilliam
Jerome Gilliam 2023.03.15 12:02 

"Secure" my arse!! It's a bloody grid system, the name is absolutely deceiving. First week I subscribe and I see my account with a -20% negative floating and 6 grid positions in red. He has closed with big losses because a rise of the EURUSD could have blown the accounts in a matter of 1-2 days. Totally irresponsible and unprofessional.

Антон Литвинков
Антон Литвинков 2023.03.13 07:24 

В целом не плохо, хотя его робот частенько, раз в 1-3 месяца встревает. И хозяин его вытаскивает из просадки, часто открывая сделки в ручную с большим лотом(относительно обычных лотов). 6% ручных сделок, это похоже как раз вмешательства автора в косяки его робота ).

georgehubert Janssen
georgehubert Janssen 2023.03.11 09:32 

Stratégie dangereuse et beaucoup trop risquée. Je souhaité le remboursement, Merci. Dangerous and far too risky strategy. I would like a refund, thank you.

happylzl 2023.03.04 10:09 

I have subscribed to the signal for three months and everything has been going well. I believe that having a stop-loss at the appropriate time is necessary. I can accept losses, as well as occasional months where the return is negative, but I cannot accept high drawdowns. If the signal experiences a drawdown of 13%, I will stop the subscription without hesitation. I hope Mr. KAUSER AHMED can continue to maintain the previous good operating mode and risk control.

Saeid Afkhami
Saeid Afkhami 2023.02.13 19:42  (modified 2023.03.14 13:38) 

2023-02-13 :

After about a month of subscription, this is my first message

Today, four trades were closed at a loss, and it makes me happy that Mr. KAUSER AHMED closed the trades at a Stop loss and did not martingale them to cause more stress and loss to the subscribers.

I hope the trades will continue in the same way with low risk.

2023-03-14 :

For profits of 2 to 3 dollars in symbols, which is less than one tenth of percent, is it not better to apply loss limit management at a maximum of two percent of the balance?

So that we don't lose more than 200 dollars?

joelcaz 2023.02.09 11:09   

Ea muy arriesgado

Mirko Adami
Mirko Adami 2022.12.29 19:56 

Buon rendimento in proporzione al rischio