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Control Trading Squeeze

Control Trading Squeeze shows volatility bands to help to identify/confirm trends

We recommend using this indicador for identifying/confirming breakout of support/resistance/figures, trend following, retracements, etc.

Works on every symbol and timeframe.

This indicator shows normalized volatility (independent to symbols prices). It uses 2 colors for bullish or bearish trends, and draws a faster moving average line to help smoothing the levels.

For example a Squeeze level of 3.0 means that symbol volatility is 3 times of the average true range (ATR).

Levels that goes above 3.0-3.5 easily, can anticipate strong price movements.

When histogram changes color, it informs about the change of trend.

Histogram going up indicates aceleration/strength of the current trend.

Histogram going down indicates deacceleration/weakness of the current trend, not meaning a change of trend on every case.


  • Period: Number of candles for volatility calculation and ATR calculation.
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