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Strategic Range Bands

Strategic Range Bands&Pivots system integrates several leading custom indicators. It can accurately find trend reversal point, define the price range, provide short term support/resistance/trailing stops, as well as work on both intraday and daily/weekly charts.

  1. When the price closes below the Mid Bands, a sell signal is triggered. You could use the first upper bands or nearest pivot lines as a stop loss level.
    When the price closes above the Mid Bands, the trend is over.
  2. The same rule could be used in a buy signal when the price closes above the Mid Bands, the first bottom bands or a nearest pivot serve as a stop loss level.
  3. For intraday short term trade, you could use it on M30 or H1 chart.
  4. For medium or long term trade, you could use it on H4 or D1 chart.
  5. For scalping trade, M5 or M15 is better. But overtrade is highly not recommended.

Please see the screenshots below for some trade cases.

If you have some further questions, please leave your comment here. I will reply within 24 hours.

In addition, I will share some trading idea or analysis result. We could discuss them together.

Good luck!

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Version 2.0 - 2015.06.19
In the new version:

1. The calculating method of the bands is updated to track the trend more closely.

2. The color of the bands is set to be more comfortable to the users.

3. The default show/hide mode of the pivot & support/resistance line is adjusted. You could set it yourself according to different timeframe.

Thank you!